Microsoft says be cautious of unverified links, emails following security flaw found in Internet Explorer

Posted by on April 29th, 2014 in Blog, Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure Technology, Microsoft Windows, News, News & Events, Technology

By Jason Meilleur, Service Line Leader, IT Infrastructure, 360 Visibility

Internet_Explorer_7_LogoLast week, we wrote about what happens when Heartbleed, the most recent computer bug threatening web security, invades computers and hijacks personal information. Yesterday, news reports revealed that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has been hit with a security flaw of its own.

It is unclear whether the flaw is caused by Heartbleed but it does include similar threats. Web security experts are urging users to switch to alternate products but Microsoft said in a statement that personal data will not be released by Internet Explorer unless users click on unverified emails and links.

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Crypto-Locker malware takes computers hostage and asks for ransom

Posted by on December 12th, 2013 in Blog, Business, Enterprise Software, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, News, Remote Backup, Technology

By Marco D’Ercole, EVP, 360 Visibility Inc.

malwareThere is a lot of buzz going around about Crypto-Locker and how it is possibly the worst malware ever. Media reports state that the program attacks and restricts access to the computer system it infects, then demands a fee or ransom in order for the restriction to be unlocked.

The security threat can be activated if just one person in your organization clicks on a suspicious email attachment, social media site, website, etc.

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Why Outsource Your IT?

Posted by on November 13th, 2013 in Blog, Infrastructure Technology, News, Technology

By Sam Esposito, 360 Visibility Inc.

serversInformation Technology (IT) is one of the most critical components of any successful business. From network connectivity to choosing and managing the best software packages, IT touches on almost every aspect of your business. So if IT is so important, why on earth would businesses give up control to someone else?

The short answer is: to make sure something so integral is being managed by the best. So, unless your business is an IT firm, it probably isn’t the best.

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Cloud Security – How do you measure up?

Posted by on September 12th, 2013 in Blog, News, News & Events, Technology

By Jason Meilleur, Infrastructure Lead, 360 Visibility Inc.

There is little doubt at this point that Cloud Computing is the future of data storage. Nearly every software company in the world includes some aspect of the cloud in their new offerings, including many of the Microsoft products we have been featuring over the last year (Navision, Great Plains, etc.). But as use of the cloud expands, so do the inevitable questions about information security.

On the one hand, security concerns are completely understandable, given the seemingly virtual nature of the cloud. Yet, like everything else in the computing world, the cloud is rooted in a real world hardware infrastructure; it only seems virtual. And that hardware has some of the best security features in the world.

Here are just a few of the things keeping your information safe:

Bring it on, Mother Nature!

Paradoxically, one of the chief of concerns for cloud security is protecting the hardware infrastructure from physical damage, and one of the most likely culprits for causing this damage is weather. Read More…

Updated Lync 2013 Sets the Communication Bar On Fire!

Posted by on April 23rd, 2013 in Business

With the successful launch of Dynamics NAV and GP, Microsoft has now turned their attention to improving the already versatile and super useful Office. While there are a ton of incredible new features for the new Office 365, I want to focus on one of the most exciting Office applications updates ever: Lync 2013.

By now you probably already know that Lync makes it easy for you and your employees to stay connected whenever and wherever, but with Lync 2013, Microsoft isn’t just raising the communication bar, they’re setting it on fire!


Here are just a few of the amazing new features:

Not Even a Latte Emergency Can Stop This Meeting! – No matter whether you’re in a coffee shop with your laptop or on a train with your smartphone, as long as you have network connectivity, Lync 2013 will keep you connected to your team. You never have to worry about you or a team member missing an important meeting because they’re running late or out of the office. Lync automatically adapts to network conditions, and the new immersive Lync app for Windows 8 and Windows RT provides a seamless experience. Read More…

The Silver Lining Around Apple’s iCloud

Posted by on October 26th, 2011 in Infrastructure Technology

iCloud-MainApples recent public release of IOS5 and iCloud has been widely anticipated for quite some time. Yes…I know; “it’s not iPhone5″ you might say, but it is still a move forward in the Apple world and worth investigating. Up until now, there have been; let’s call them ‘deficiencies’ in mobility management for small or medium businesses. As with all things cloud, we are now one step closer to the technology utopia that we are all secretly dreaming about.

Utopia may not be attainable, but I am tired of being plagued with evil thoughts when it comes to any sentence containing the words ‘iPhone’, ‘backup’, or ‘centralized’. Even now ‘iCringe’.

The Answer Every Business has been Waiting For…or Not?

Apple has now put the ‘up’ in ‘backup’, taking us one step closer to IT bliss. Allowing users to backup their devices over Wi-Fi to iTunes or into the iCloud directly, provides a lot more flexibility when it comes to making sure your data doesn’t fall in the toilet along with your iPhone (I’m sure there are a few red faces right now). With your data stored in the cloud, recovery becomes one less worry for IT administrators. From a high level, it’ll back up virtually everything on your device except for music not purchased through iTunes (At least not yet).


Do You See What I See?

The next undisputed benefit to iCloud is that it has become device agnostic. Get access to your iTunes music, photos, documents, books, and apps from any Apple device or through your PC using Since many of us already have a combination of PC’s, Mac’s, iPhone’s, or iPad’s, the iCloud makes your content accessible when you want on whatever device you prefer.

Document Management


Apple carries this idea of synchronization to the next level with shared documents. iCloud enabled apps include; Pages, Keynote, Numbers (Apples version of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) which allow you to make changes to your doc’s. Harnessing the power of cloud based storage, enables you to access the changes from other devices in your arsenal.

There’s That Word Again…Productivity

If my calculations are right, we should now be so productive that tasks are completed before we even start! A few productivity features introduced with the iPhone navigation include; the ability to Tweet something from many different applications, and tabbed browsing for the internet. Also, those pesky notifications are better managed through the notification centre so you are not interrupted when you’re in the middle of an important email or text.

I’m interested in hearing how you see IOS5 and iCloud changing your business, if at all. Like it or hate it, Innovation Happens!

By Jason Meilleur
Infrastructure Team member

Leverage Resources to Help See Clearly Through The Cloud

Posted by on October 4th, 2011 in Infrastructure Technology

j0426527-2-300x219It’s been said that there are only two things we as individuals can be certain of in life; death and taxes.  From a business perspective, it’s clear we can also be certain about the ever changing face of technology.  The life cycle of technology seems to be getting shorter. User demands continue to rise, new devices are being released at exponential rates, and software vendors spend more time talking about the next version than they do about the product that’s currently available; in an effort to start the process all over again. Read More…

Remote Desktop Services – The Secret Weapon for Small to Mid-Size Business

Posted by on September 20th, 2011 in Infrastructure Technology, Virtualization

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS) have come to the forefront with RemoteApp, an RDP-based approach to serving published applications and desktops to the enterprise included in Windows 2008 R2. Now with the RDS server service role in Windows 2008 R2, you can host Applications that run on the server and get pushed to the desktop using the Remote Desktop protocol and Published Applications.

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Heal Thyself, and Thy Technology Infrastructure

Posted by on February 8th, 2010 in Infrastructure Technology

laptop-stetho70-150x150You know the feeling.

The tickle in the throat. The scratch in the chest. The leak in the nose. Far from down and out, you’re functioning just fine, thankyouverymuch. Still, there’s trouble around your edges and every reason to believe you could be performing at levels much closer to the top of your game.

But wait. Before congratulating yourself on the wisdom that delivered tickly, scratchy, leaky you to the doctor’s office in pursuit of a clean bill, consider that other parts of your life could benefit from similarly preventative attention.

An information technology health check is common sense, write large, 72-point type, shout it from the rooftops and nothing less. Technology, after all, is a torpedo, tugging progress along by the nosehairs. For a company to imagine it can remain still in this rushing current, without benefit of the occasional Band-Aid, upgrade or plans best laid, is pure folly. Read More…