Receiving Calls from Microsoft Tele-sales? 615-283-7450

Receiving Calls from Microsoft Tele-sales? 615-283-7450
Written by: John Saund
Published: November 12, 2018



    Are you receiving calls from Microsoft at 615-283-7450?

    In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a number of calls and comments from our customers with concerns regarding calls received from Microsoft in the USA regarding the License Renewal for Dynamics GP (Great Plains). This is a Microsoft follow-up campaign encouraging customers to renew their Software Assurance, Enhancement Plan or License Renewal for Dynamics GP. Unfortunately, this Microsoft tele-sales team DOES NOT have access to the status of your renewal. 

    If you are receiving calls from this number, advise them that you will speak with your Microsoft Partner as your renewals are managed by 360 Visibility, and then please contact us directly and we can help you.

    Please note: if you feel you are being harassed by these agents, please call 360 Visibility so that we can further build a case to get these calls to stop (Great Plains Dynamics Enhancement Expiration Plan).

    We have raised and escalated this issue with Microsoft and are looking to address this campaign.  The following phone numbers are for the Microsoft tele-sales centre, which is operated by an outsourced company. 615-283-7450 6152837450 (615) 283-7450

    If you do not want to worry about license renewals, please continue reading.

    The Dynamics GP licensing model requires annual renewals and enhancements which can be costly and limit your ability to adjust to changing demands in your business.

    360 Visibility has helped many businesses across North America upgrade from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Dynamics 365 Business Central is a subscription-based software with annual renewals or enhancements. Microsoft has limited or stopped new feature updates and improvements to Dynamics GP and therefore, it is prudent to stay up-to-date, that your business consider migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    See how easy it is to upgrade to Business Central here

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