Are You Utilizing Just 30% of Your Software’s Functionality?

Are You Utilizing Just 30% of Your Software’s Functionality?
Written by: Marco DErcole
Published: October 20, 2009



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    “I may have been lucky with some sort of intuition,” American character actor David Selby is said to have uttered at some point in his career, no doubt talking about a subject leagues away from that which occupies me, “but I believe in training a great deal.” Well said. Me, too.

    I remember the genuine shock with which I greeted a statistic noting that 70% of companies use just 30% of their software functionality, courtesy of an alarmingly widespread lack of training that keeps folks from tapping into the full potential of their technology.

    It’s one thing to stock your arsenal with a slew of technological marvels, to arm yourself with the most robust tools on the streets, but quite another to hunker down and actually learn how to use the stuff.

    Don’t Limit Yourself

    Don’t limit your training efforts to the geek squad. It’s folly to imagine that information technology training is the purview of the information technologists alone. It behooves management to cast the net a bit wider, to snag a few from the trenches with this imperative to understand.

    Indeed, the benefits for employees of a formal, wide-reaching IT training program outweigh the risks. Most employees want to enhance their skills, and may view training as a bonus from their employer. Organizations that offer formalized training and keep employees’ salaries competitive mitigate the risk of losing these souls to other organizations.

    At 360

    Whether it’s through traditional training or online education, the 360 Visibility team has what it takes to ensure that everyone in your organization has those skills to keep their souls intact. And by paying this subject heed, managers make a visible commitment to improving the lots of their firms with a system that cuts IT costs, reduces business risk, and generates new opportunities and growth.

    Ideally, nobody should ever leave the classroom

    Even while you’re figuring one revolutionary, groundbreaking, bleeding-edge thing out, another revolutionary, groundbreaking, bleeding-edge thing is taking shape on the horizon. And you’ll have to learn about it, too.

    Think about it. Just a decade ago, if you started whittering on about “blogs” or “wikis,” you might as well have been speaking another language. Today, admit to a disconnect on these critical concepts at your own peril. But that’s just the point. This is how learning takes place. The crowd gets there in the end. But by the time they do, you should, by all standards of reasonable performance, have left them in your dust.

    “Your ability to learn faster than your competition,” said Arie de Geus when he was head of Shell Oil’s strategic planning group, “is your only sustainable competitive advantage.”

    Take Advantage of the Opportunity

    By committing to an ongoing program of information technology training for all levels of staff, management demonstrates its dedication to exploiting this advantage to its greatest extent.

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