COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

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To Our Valued Customers,

With COVID-19 impacting people around the world, we are monitoring the situation closely and placing proactive measures to ensure the health and safety of 360 Visibility employees and to continue to serve our customers effectively with the highest standards. The following is an update on our current preparation and continuity measures.

Current Measures Taken by 360 Visibility

  • Minimal Travel: 360 Visibility has minimized non-essential travel
  • Keeping Staff Informed: Updates and resources regarding self-protection are regularly distributed to 360 Visibility staff
  • Proactive Planning: A business continuity plan has been put in place

In case of further spread and greater impact of COVID-19, we stand ready to enact our business continuity plans which include:

  • Remote Work: The ability for employees to work remotely for extended periods of time
  • Critical Data: Access to all critical systems, data, and documents remotely to maintain operations
  • Contingency Resourcing: Ensuring our staff are cross-trained and have backup resources to support specialized technology needs

Assistance to Enable Remote Work in your Organization:

  • Office 365 & Microsoft Teams: If you are using Office 365, you may already have access to Microsoft Teams which makes working remotely and collaborating on documents easy. Whether you already use it or haven’t started yet, we want to help you get the most benefit from it with 4 Tips for Working From Home with Microsoft Teams.
  • You can read the tips here: Microsoft Teams Tips for Working From Home

Rest assured, the measures put in place by 360 Visibility will ensure we continue to serve your business and protect the well-being of our staff.

We will continue to update you as the situation develops and encourage you to reach out directly for concerns or questions.

As always, thank you for being a valued 360 Visibility customer.

John Saund
John Saund
A multi-talented professional with a proven track record developing and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies. With a passion for design and ideation, enhanced by an appetite for continuous improvement, John confidently accepts challenges, adapts to varying environments and consistently delivers success.
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