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  • What we did360 Property Management Software - powered by Dynamics NAV deployed in the Azure Cloud, providing all-in-one accounting and property management.

Before 360 Visibility

Rockfort Property Management manages residential and commercial properties in New Jersey. Rockfort had employed separate systems for property management and accounting. That meant invoices were generated by its accounting system, but that same system could not also manage the business details associated with the many buildings Rockfort manages. Particulars like vacancies, bookings, renewals, maintenance records, lease calculations, and slice-and-dice profitability determinations were not part of the accounting system’s portfolio. They only showed up in the property-management system, which itself could not accommodate invoicing.

Rockfort Property Management Dyamics NAV Azure Cloud Office 365

Deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Office 365 & Azure Cloud

360 Property Management Software (360PM) – powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV – oversees Rockfort’s back-end accounting-system essentials with a property-management focus allowing users to manage both accounting and property-management from a single, unified application.

Extending Microsoft’s core accounting system into a property-management module means the inherent efficacy of Microsoft Dynamics NAV gets fresh application inside the property-management sphere. The result is a dual-focused platform whose role-based dashboards and detailed analytics exploit the best functionalities of both worlds, and promise enhanced decision-making, data accuracy, time savings and operational efficiency across Rockfort’s processes and workflows. The solution incorporates Microsoft Azure Cloud, Office 365 and Dynamics NAV.

Consolidating our property management operations with 360PM gives our team streamlined, cloud-based accounting and asset management.

Sean Kilby, Property Manager - Rockfort Property Management


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