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How to Use 360 Smart Search as an Order Processor

  1. Navigate to the Sales Quote page. Select Sales Quote (or Order, Invoice, Return Order or Credit Memo) from the Actions tab on the Ribbon bar in the Home page. Alternatively find the page using the Search (press Alt + Q to search).

  2. Enter Customer. Look up and select a customer or enter customer no. 20000.
  3. After completing the header of your document, click on the SmartSearch icon found in New section of the ribbon bar to open the Smart Search window. Pin this menu for future quick access.
    You can also access Smart Search from the lines by selecting More Options.
    Next, select Functions and Smart Search.
  4. In the Search box, enter the text you would like to search for items by and click tab. Note 360 Smart Search will search the fields as configured in the 360 Smart Search Assisted Setup wizard.
  5. Select the items you wish to include in your purchase or sales document by checking the Selected box.  To see only what you have selected click the Show Selected button in the ribbon bar. Click the Show All button to revert the list view to all items
  6. Continue to search for additional items or click OK to insert your selections into your sales document.
  7. Enter the Quantity and Unit Price.
  8. Post or save your sales document.


We’re always happy to help with how to use 360 Smart Search! Contact support for additional assistance.