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Microsoft Dynamics GP for Accounting and Financial Management

Drive Profitability and Growth Through Innovation

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a powerful accounting and financial management system that can help accountants, analysts and financial services professionals to extract the most essential business data from budgets, cash flow accounts and financial reports which can be used to efficiently monitor the health of the business and provide valuable input for the business decision makers.

Financial Services Professionals can use Dynamics GP to drive profitability and growth through innovation. Get the insight and flexibility you need to keep up with changes in customer trust, demographics and demand.

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Transform your Business with Dynamics GP for Financial Services

See how Birch Hill Equity Partners formed the backbone of their accounting and operating platform with Dynamics GP.

Implementing Dynamics GP allowed Birch Hill Equity, who needed to migrate it's operations from it's parent company to a stand-alone entity, to effectively manage all key customer touch-points, and operate with a reliable, secure, and robust accounting and operations infrastructure.


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  • "360 provided us with solid expertise all the way from initial analysis, through implementation, to ongoing service. We avoided all the finger-pointing, wasted time, and wasted money that can come from using multiple firms."
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    Pierre Schuurmans - COO
    Birch Hill Equity Partners

On-Premises, Hybrid, or Cloud?

Deployment Options for the Greatest Return on Investment

Table Title

  • Hardware
  • Scalability
  • Software Licensing
  • Cost Structure
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Security
  • Support
  • Overall Cost


Hosting on physical hardware located in your building.

  • Required to purchase
  • Limited. New hardware required
  • Perpetual Licensing
  • Upfront and ongoing costs
  • As required
  • Dependent on internal IT
  • Internal or 3rd party
  • Most expensive


Fully cloud-based hosting of all data and applications.

  • No purchase required
  • Unlimited
  • Perpetual or subscription
  • Pay per use
  • Consistently performed
  • Built-in
  • Internal or 3rd party
  • Least expensive

Make Technology Your Business Advantage

Modernizing your systems and business processes can set you apart from your competitors

Use this guide to choose your path to modern software with flexible, familiar and trusted solutions that support your business goals—growing sales, increasing efficiency, protecting your data, or enabling a mobile workforce.


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