Microsoft Dynamics Hosting

Cloud & Hybrid Hosting for Microsoft Dynamics

Hosting options for the greatest return on investment.

Selecting the best hosting option for your Microsoft Dynamics environment can be a daunting task. Choosing between On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid can make this critical decision more difficult. 360 Visibility will help you cut through the clutter and understand what option makes sense for your business needs, now and in the future.

We take a holistic approach, using our proprietary Business Impact Assessment tool to design a hosting solution that effectively connects your business to all of its software, ensuring communication, collaboration, and optimal performance, security, and reliability throughout.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud is the most advanced cloud platform for business today. With Azure hosting, your business has access to unprecedented scalability and global reach on an infrastructure platform that is expanding rapidly.

Host your Microsoft Dynamics application environment on Microsoft Azure Cloud and save up to 30% on traditional IT and infrastructure costs!

The Microsoft Dynamics and Azure Cloud experts at 360 Visibility can scope, deploy and manage your Microsoft Dynamics application environments on Microsoft Azure Data Centres across the globe, including Canada with the newly opened Toronto and Montreal data centres.


Microsoft Azure Cloud + Dynamics

Cloud hosting made for Microsoft Dynamics.

Flexible Options

Scale your server needs on-demand, and only pay for the performance and service your business needs.

Ultimate Performance

Get premium performance for a not so premium cost powered by the latest Microsoft and Intel Cloud Technology.

Simplified Environment

Integrate multiple services and software into a unified server environment and benefit from software that works together.

Faster Deployment

Quickly build, deploy, and manage your Dynamics applications across a global network of Azure datacentres.

Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Options

What is the right solution for your business.

Table Title

  • Hardware
  • Scalability
  • Software Licensing
  • Cost Structure
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Security
  • Support
  • Overall Cost


Hosting on physical hardware located in your building.

  • Required to purchase
  • Limited. New hardware required
  • Perpetual Licensing
  • Upfront and ongoing costs
  • As required
  • Dependent on internal IT
  • Internal or 3rd party
  • Most expensive


A combination of physical hardware and cloud hosting.

  • Combo of cloud and internal
  • Unlimited in Cloud
  • Perpetual or subscription
  • Upfront and pay per use
  • Regularly performed on Cloud
  • Internal and Cloud
  • Internal or 3rd party
  • Less expensive

Hybrid Cloud Hosting: The Best of Both Worlds

Hosting Microsoft Dynamics on the Azure Cloud

Leverage the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform to provide an integrated and complete architecture to meet your business software requirements. The Azure Cloud lets you save significant costs with on demand pricing and scalable hardware, so your business only pays for what it uses, without having to worry about new hardware purchases or overhead.

Microsoft Dynamics is specifically designed for optimized performance on the Azure Cloud. Use a Hybrid Cloud setup, with critical or sensitive workloads hosted on-premise in your own servers, and less critical workloads in the cloud. This setup extends your IT capabilities to new lengths for greater flexibility, scalability, and ability to meet changing needs rapidly.