Property Managers Must Embrace Emerging Technology to Stay Relevant

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Embracing New Technologies

The construction and real estate industries are behind the pack when it comes to embracing emerging technologies.

That’s what a recent article post by Canadian Facility Management and Design (CFM&D), part of Real Estate Management Industry Network (REMI), discovered. It states that companies in this industry need to watch and be aware of key trends such as cloud computing, socializing information and ‘the Internet of things’ in order to have a greater opportunity for improvement.

For example, although cloud computing offers quick and flexible systems, companies continue to use software packages. Also, many companies still spend a lot of time writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally, unaware that if they took advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, they could improve their productivity by a high margin.

The article cites Tom Brauser, COO, BuiltSpace Technologies, a software solution provider for building professionals, who explains that today, people create 99 per cent of all content on the Internet. Therefore, the ‘The Internet of Things’ is the idea of ‘tagging’ various things in order to generate data.

CFM&D puts this technology in a property management context and uses an example of a piece of equipment such as a boiler that can be assigned a code and scanned by a building operator to pull up a checklist for inspection. Once that building operator has completed the checklist digitally, that information is stored and accessible to others on a permission basis.

Don’t Fall Behind

The article reiterates that property management businesses need to embrace these technologies or risk falling behind. It also outlines tactics property managers should start pursuing in order to improve their efficiency:

1. Enabling mobility – relevant for property managers since they are constantly on the move and need to access information quickly

2. Embracing the cloud – easily enables mobility

3. Digitizing everything – this helps support mobility

4. Social collaboration – projects can be managed more efficiently and global experts can be engaged no matter where they are

5. Integrating – ensuring that systems being used sync well with various programs

360 Visibility’s Property Manager Software is one solution that can help businesses get in tune with the latest technology and provide property managers with mobility.

How We Can Help

Aligned with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 360 Property Manager makes it easier to manage inquiries, leases and billing for the entire tenant life cycle. The solution also offers automated deal-tracking and the capability of reviewing and editing documents, creating multiple budgets, reminders, and eviction notices.

Furthermore, the Office 365 solution for Property Management allows property managers to easily collaborate and keep resources and contacts at their fingertips. They can access industry information any time of day and the solution works seamlessly with cloud-based services including business-class email, file sharing, and online meetings.

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Marco D'Ercole
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