What can my business do with Microsoft Cloud Services?

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic launched practically all businesses into the remote world, many businesses were already moving to the cloud for their day-to-day operations. According to industry reports, 60% of businesses moved their workloads to the cloud in 2020.

If you’re wondering if cloud adoption is right for your business, here are just a few of the ways Microsoft Azure Cloud Services can help your business succeed. 

Windows Virtual Desktop

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 17% of employees worked from home. Once the pandemic hit, that number increased to a whopping 44%! Many companies’ infrastructures weren’t set up to handle so much remote work. Cloud adoption is the answer.

With Microsoft Cloud Services, you can get access to a Windows Virtual Desktop that allows your employees to use company software and licenses for programs like Microsoft Excel and Word no matter where they are or which device they use. 

The best part is that your IT department can still manage and maintain your systems from a centralized system. They can manage usage, permissions, and accounts for all your remote employees without needing to be on-site. Windows Virtual Desktop simplifies the entire work-from-home experience for both employers and employees.

Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Many businesses that are hesitant to work from the cloud worry about user access. If you give employees access to your cloud systems, they’ll be able to see everything on the server. There could be confidential information that you don’t want everyone to see.

To solve the accessibility problem, Microsoft Cloud Services offer Azure Information Protection (AIP). AIP allows employers to label and classify information, so you can easily manage who has access to which files in the cloud.

The software also features an on-premises scanner, so admins can scan their systems to identify potentially sensitive information that still needs to be classified. That way, you can ensure your files are protected from unauthorized users.

Azure Security Center

When your information is somewhere else, how can you make sure it’s safe from cyberattacks? In 2020, 155.8 million people were affected by data breaches. As a result, it’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to protect their information from online threats. 

Azure Security Center uses advanced physical, operational, and infrastructure controls that help companies manage their information security with a wide range of features:

  • Easy-to-use dashboards to assess and visualize your resource security
  • Compliance checklists
  • AI automation and monitoring to identify threats and eliminate false alarms
  • Azure Defender to protect against brute-force attacks and SQL injections

No matter what threats come your way, Azure Security Center will keep your cloud systems protected.

Azure Site Recovery

Every second that employees can’t access your systems is money wasted. For enterprises, server downtime typically costs between $300,000 and $400,000 per hour!

With Microsoft Cloud Services, you’ll have access to Azure Site Recovery, a built-in disaster recovery service. So if you ever lose access to your data, it can be restored quickly to get your team back to work and help you avoid expensive downtime.

Support Your Business with Cloud Adoption

With more and more businesses embracing remote work, the cloud is more beneficial than ever. It allows your team to work from anywhere, on any device, without sacrificing efficiency or security.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of migrating to the cloud, turn to the experts at 360 Visibility. We’ll help you implement and manage the perfect Microsoft Cloud Services to suit your unique business needs. Contact us to learn more about how the cloud can help your business succeed.

Jason Meilleur
Jason Meilleur
As the Senior Manager of Cloud Solutions at 360 Visibility, Jason has combined his technical and business development backgrounds to expand cloud based services and the company’s infrastructure customer base. Having a long standing family history of hard working entrepreneurs, Jason has developed a strong desire for business growth.
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