4 must-haves for Property Management Software

4 must-haves for Property Management Software
Written by: Marco DErcole
Published: May 15, 2014



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    Consider This

    It is surprising that there are still property management solutions out there that are not equipped with the most up-to-date features. Property management software should help businesses excel – it shouldn’t make tasks more difficult. So, if you’re looking to invest in new software, or if you want to know if your current solution is up to industry standards, consider the following:

    Does the Property Management Software include Remote Access?

    The ability to connect from anywhere is a nonnegotiable necessity, especially for property management companies that need to communicate with employees that work in remote areas or various cities and countries. This is why it’s important to invest in high-quality, web-based software that offers users flexibility and guaranteed accessibility.

    Can the Property Management Software handle document storage?

    Having information in one place and being able to track and archive lease and document history are very important features for property management software to have. Being able to attach any type of document(s) to a property, lease unit, tenant and other areas within the property manager ensures that all records are available for users. This saves time and eliminates miscommunication.

    Does the Property Management Software support Electronic Bill Payments?

    Many property managers still accept cheques as a standard method of rental payment. However, the time and money it takes to complete a cheque scan can negatively impact business. Allowing users to submit payments online not only saves money but it also saves paper and toner costs, prevents cheques from getting lost, eliminates delays, and most of all, it makes it easy to track payments already made.

    Is the Property Management Software accounting driven?

    It is crucial to have property management software that gives you visibility of your profitability. Being able to manage all tenant accounting transactions, applying rent, tracking delinquencies and assessing late fees makes it easy for users to connect and access information smoothly.

    Our 360 Property Manager

    360 Visibility’s 360 Property Manager is one software solution that includes the most up-to-date features. Integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 360 Property Management software is an accounting driven program that helps companies increase efficiency by automating processes and delivers detailed analytics to improve decision-making. The solution provides financial and construction management, maintenance scheduling and lease administration.

    The solution can also be paired with Microsoft Office 365 and includes cloud based services such as email, file sharing and online meetings. Property managers can share information internally and externally; add and remove users easily; access information from any location; and see relevant data.

    Learn More

    For more information, and to request a trial for Office 365, visit our website.

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