The Cloud can Save Property Managers Time and Money

The Cloud can Save Property Managers Time and Money
Written by: Marco DErcole
Published: June 25, 2014



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    Why Use the Cloud?

    Property managers are constantly on the go, constantly setting up appointments and keeping in touch with owners and tenants. In order to run their business smoothly, they need to have access to vital information and resources all the time and from anywhere. This is why the Cloud is so handy. It allows property managers to access data from anywhere – home, the office, in the field – on any device.

    The Pros

    With the cloud, property managers will no longer have to pay for extra support, upgrades or server hardware. Also, training on how to use the cloud is included and the applications offered are easy to use. These are just a few of the highlights of how the Cloud can save property managers time and money.

    Furthermore, since many property managers rely on email and calendars to maintain their schedules and correspondence, it is important to have a solution that offers easy access and reliability. Certain email programs can only be used in the office, which is very limiting, any if the servers’ crash, there is a lot of down time which can negatively affect business productivity.


    But moving to the cloud allows users to have access to their email from anywhere. The cloud is secure, stable and easily accessible by all members of an organization. Applications and emails can be configured to any device allowing users to have access to their contact list, shared calendars and documents.

    Stay Competitive and Connected

    Office 365 for example is one solution that ensures property managers can remain competitive and stay connected in today’s modern world. The solution works seamlessly with the Cloud offering property managers business-class email, file sharing, and the ability to join online meetings from any location.

    With Office 365, property managers can quickly share information with people inside and outside of their company; they can remove and add users as needed; and collaborate with staff. The cloud also ensures data is secure, backed up daily, and offers premium anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering. It also includes guaranteed 99.9 per cent uptime with a financially backed service level agreement and 24/7 phone support for critical issues

    Office 365 plans start from $4.10 per month per user.

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