Business Impact Assessment

Take the Guesswork out of Critical Business Investment Decisions

Prioritize Business Requirements & Define Measurable Results

Let’s face it, technology decisions are rarely simple. Every business needs to make critical investment choices with respect to which technology will best serve their business interests and needs, present and future. And every business knows that the stakes are high and the risks considerable.

With the Business Impact Assessment (BIA), we can help you take the guesswork out of these critical investment decisions, and ensure that you get the most efficient, and the most cost-effective overall solutions.

Why Most Projects Fail

and how a Business Impact Assessment can prevent it

  • Lack of User Input86%
  • Incomplete Requirements91%
  • Changing Requirements78%
  • Lack of Executive Support93%
  • Technology Incompetence76%
  • Lack of Resources84%
  • Unrealistic Expectations96%
  • Unclear Objectives88%
  • Unrealistic Time Frames72%
  • New Technology60%

Our Methodology

What's in the Business Impact Assessment

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