Process Fusion

Tasked with modernizing Process Fusion Inc's financial systems, 360 Visibility leveraged Dynamics 365 Business Central to enhance profitability reporting, remote accessibility, and automation.

Project at a glance

Process Fusion Inc (PFI), a leading SaaS company specializing in business process automation, needed to modernize its financial systems to overcome challenges such as inadequate profitability reporting, reliance on RDS platforms for remote access, and manual handling of SaaS subscription revenue calculations.

PFI partnered with 360 Visibility to modernize their financial operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 360 Visibility's Business Central Consultants identified key problem areas and delivered tailored solutions, including enhanced reporting capabilities, seamless remote access, efficient inventory tracking, and automated revenue and cost projections. The solution was designed to integrate smoothly with existing Microsoft tools and scale with PFI’s growth.


By implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central, the need for VPNs has been eliminated, enhancing flexibility for remote working.


Profitability reporting efficiency increased with detailed reports now generated by projects and business units.

The Tools

Products and services implemented


Business Impact Assessment


Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation


PFI Capture Point Expense Module

The Challenge

Modernizing Financial Systems to Address Reporting, Accessibility, and Automation Gaps

While passionately advocating for cloud-based solutions tailored for their clients, Process Fusion Inc (PFI) conducted a thorough analysis of their own accounting system and, in their commitment to transparency, acknowledged existing gaps. PFI encountered a variety of challenges within its accounting workflows, including the inability to produce profitability reports based on projects or business units, dependence on RDS platforms for remote access, a deficiency in inventory tracking, and the manual handling of calculations for SaaS subscription revenue deferral.

"We had a very positive experience with Barbara, Simaak, and the team at 360 Visibility. Transitioning to a new system like Business Central can indeed come with its challenges, and having a supportive and knowledgeable team to guide us through the process was invaluable."

Angie Lau
Director of Finance and Admin - Process Fusion Inc
The Solution

Seamless Integration and Modernization with Dynamics 365 Business Central

A crucial part of 360 Visibility's plan was making sure the proposed solution smoothly fits in with the Microsoft tools the client already uses. We wanted to make everything work together seamlessly. Our team of Dynamics 365 Consultants helped PFI transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, thereby setting up a cloud-based and universally accessible accounting system.

With the innovative Expense Module, known as PFI Capture Point, it enabled seamless expense submissions by employees. In collaboration with 360 Visibility’s Business Central Consultants, a custom webservice was developed to integrate expense claims directly into Business Central, effectively streamlining the approval process and mitigating manual input. The proposed solution was designed with scalability in mind, considering the client’s expected growth trajectory.

The Results

Transformative integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central has had a substantial impact on PFI’s operations


Enhanced Reporting and Automation:

PFI can now generate detailed profitability reports by projects and business units, and the automation of SaaS subscription revenue and cost deferral processes has eradicated manual calculations, contributing to heightened forecasting accuracy.


Increased Flexibility and Efficiency:

The transition to Business Central eliminated the need for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), offering enhanced flexibility for remote working, while also reducing the workload for the IT support team and minimizing manual efforts.


Improved Inventory Management:

The Inventory Management module within Business Central allows PFI to effectively track and report on equipment and inventory items, ensuring better oversight and control.


Cost Savings and Reduced Errors:

Migration of historical data to the cloud presents potential cost savings in on-premises data storage, and the risk of manual errors in financial projections has significantly decreased due to the automation of revenue and cost deferral processes.

"Through our partnership with PFI, we've achieved significant milestones in enhancing operational efficiency and transparency. The integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central has not only streamlined processes but also empowered us to deliver scalable solutions that meet PFI's evolving needs."

Barbara Allen
Vice President, Client Solutions - 360 Visibility


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