February 13, 2018

The Top Five Benefits of Property Management Software

Real estate has rapidly expanded and has become an increasing demand in large cities such as Toronto. And if you’re a property manager you likely manage multiple leases, tenants, buildings and repairs. Which can be a lot to oversee. As the demand for rental space becomes even more pressing, it’s that much more important to […]
September 22, 2016
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360 Property Management Software Achieves Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Accreditation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [TORONTO, CANADA — SEPTEMBER 22, 2016] 360 Visibility announced today that its 360 Property Management Software, an all-in-one business solution built using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 to provide comprehensive accounting and property management functions, has passed the Software Solution Test for Microsoft Dynamics, which is a major requirement for Certified for Microsoft […]
May 11, 2016

How Changing Dynamics in Commercial Real Estate Are Affecting Property Management

Canada’s commercial real-estate market is changing the landscape of property management.
January 20, 2016

4 Reasons Why 360 Property Management Software Makes Property Management a Breeze

Property management has been around since the Flintstones and Rubbles rented out their homes to a pair of swinging musicians to make a few extra “clams,” but the scene has become technologically more sophisticated since then. Today, property managers have the ability to use property management software for residential, commercial and mixed-use applications, making managing […]
January 13, 2016

Property Management Software Health Check

Picking property management software is as much an art as science these days. There are many features to be considered, and a number of software providers each claiming they have the next best thing. We’re here to cut through the smoke and mirrors with a checklist of 17 essential items to consider when selecting your […]
August 12, 2015

Property Management University

A career in property management (or in building operation, property administration, lease administration or asset management) is a rich experience that combines the rigours of business with the pleasures of client relations. In aid of preparing accredited property managers for such a professional path inside an increasingly competitive market, a growing number of post-secondary institutions […]
June 4, 2015

Retail Mall Meets Mobile Office

The retail mall, longstanding emblem of the urban landscape that it is, just got a whole lot more interesting — particularly if you’re a landlord wrestling with the dilemma of filling his empty storefronts. Now, more than just the chance to peruse the new-arrivals racks at Banana Republic and scarf down an Orange Julius at […]
April 9, 2015

Property Management Legalities 101

The landlord’s mantle can be an exceptionally heavy garment to don. So when an individual chooses to do so, it’s best done only after a period of familiarization with the various obligations that come with the uniform. Here are a half-dozen of the legal basics with which a property manager need acquaint himself, delivered in […]
February 6, 2015
360 Blog

Why End-to-End PM Solutions Trump PM Software Every Time

Managing a property is not the walk in the park it once was. An ever more complicated scene — think more demanding municipal regulations, multiple property-type clients, and a mounting call for maintenance and contractor appointments — has upped the call for sophisticated technology that can accommodate the evolving context in which this industry exists. […]
November 7, 2014
360 Blog

7 Technology Trends of Property Management Companies Infographic

360 Visibility conducted a survey to property management companies across Canada and the US with the objective to identify the top technology trends in the industry.  The following infographic outlines some of the results of this survey, identifying what companies seek to benefit from a Property Management software solution.   no-repeat;center top;;