The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side – A Cautionary Tale of Chasing Lower Prices

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Partnership Over Salesmanship

Excited by the prospect of lower costs, and an array of enticing jargon, one of our customers eagerly made the switch to what sounded like a promising new competitor. At least on paper, it did.

The initial thrill soon turned into frustration as the customer encountered issue after issue with their new service provider. Unforeseen glitches disrupted workflow, and unexpected charges started to accumulate, tarnishing the allure of the so-called “cheaper price.” They saw what was out there, and it wasn’t pretty. Instead of finding a Microsoft Partner who takes an interest in their business needs, who is transparent and dedicated to their success, the customer found one who sold them on a one-and-done solution and left them with regret. They quickly realized that while cost is a significant factor when deciding on a Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider, it shouldn’t be the sole determinant.

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” And as always, it’s true.

Technology is an Ally

Businesses have enough to deal with. Technology shouldn’t be another issue. It should be an ally that helps your business and ensures things run smoothly. That is why, finding a partner that’s at the forefront of new technology, dissects the intricacies of software solutions and explains their value in simple terms and has years of experience helping clients in various industries, is extremely important. Taking the time to assess what’s out there before jumping into a commitment is key.

For more than 20 years, our mission at 360 Visibility has been to empower businesses through cloud technology. Lets explore what sets us apart from the competition; how we leverage our Microsoft expertise to drive innovation and growth; and the importance of experience and honesty in technology partnerships.

Transparency in Every Step

At the heart of 360 Visibility is our team of dedicated Microsoft experts, whose qualifications and experience are second to none. When clients come to us seeking solutions, they benefit  from our knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem and our commitment to providing clear, tailored advice that aligns with their business. Whether it’s optimizing their Azure Cloud or streamlining workflows with Microsoft 365, our team delivers results that make a tangible difference.

And transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. We guide our clients from consultation through implementation and afterwards. We understand the importance of clarity in costs and procedures, which is why we strive to provide open and honest communication at every stage of the partnership. Clarity is essential for effective decision-making, risk management, and building trust in technology partnerships. It enables organizations to align technology investments with their business objectives, budget effectively, and mitigate potential risks. This ultimately drives success and innovation and should not be taken lightly.

Your Success is Our Success

Our Business Impact Assessment (BIA) is one strategic tool we use to save businesses time, money, and headaches. A BIA helps a business gain insight before deciding on any software investment and sets the stage for seamless implementation. It is a game-changer and paints a clear picture of long-term success – fostering collaboration and clarity from the get-go.

We believe in it so much that even if you choose not to work with us, you can still take the results from the assessment and use them to find a suitable partner.

Read how 360 Visibility Rescued Pain Specialists of America IT and Security

We realized our MSP was causing more harm than good. We had no control over our IT infrastructure and they were blocking our staff from making necessary changes. That’s when we turned to 360 Visibility. With their help, we were able to take control of our IT needs and improve our security posture. I highly recommend them to any organization looking to do the same.”

Robert Stringham – VP of Business Operations, Pain Specialists of America

The True Cost of Low Prices

Businesses are often bombarded with sales pitches promising low prices and quick fixes. Other Microsoft Partners often employ various sales tactics to sell their solutions. Some common ones include:

Price Discounting: Offering steep discounts or promotional pricing to entice customers to purchase their solution over competitors’. While this may seem attractive in the short term, it can lead to sacrificing quality or essential features.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD): Creating doubt about the effectiveness or reliability of competitors’ solutions while promoting their own as superior. This tactic relies on instilling fear or uncertainty in the minds of potential buyers to sway their decision-making process.

Limited-Time Offers: Creating a sense of urgency by presenting limited-time offers or deals, pressuring customers to make a quick decision without thoroughly evaluating their options. This tactic aims to capitalize on the fear of missing out (FOMO) to drive sales.

Overpromising and Underdelivering: Making exaggerated claims or promises about the capabilities or benefits of their solution without sufficient evidence. This tactic may result in customer dissatisfaction when the solution fails to meet expectations.

Lock-in Contracts or Vendor Lock-in: Offering long-term contracts or proprietary solutions that make it challenging for customers to switch to alternative providers in the future. This tactic aims to establish a captive customer base and secure recurring revenue streams.

Feature Bloat: Overloading their solution with a plethora of features, whether relevant to the customer’s needs or not, to create the perception of value and justify higher pricing. However, this tactic can lead to complexity and usability issues for the end user.

Hidden Fees or Costs: Concealing additional fees, charges, or recurring costs associated with their solution until after the sale is made. This tactic aims to make the initial price seem more attractive while maximizing revenue through hidden charges.

Vendor-Sponsored Research: Commissioning biased research or studies that favor their solution and discredit competitors, presenting the findings as unbiased assessments to sway customer opinions. This tactic exploits the credibility of research to influence purchasing decisions.

Pressure Tactics: Applying pressure or using aggressive sales techniques to coerce customers into making a purchase, such as insisting on immediate commitment without allowing time for proper evaluation or comparison with alternatives.

As we’ve seen time and again, being pressured into choosing a solution based solely on price can have far-reaching consequences. Such decisions often result in solutions that lack scalability, reliability, and essential features, hindering adaptability and innovation. While upfront costs may appear lower, hidden expenses such as maintenance, support, and security breaches can escalate total ownership costs over time. Subpar solutions may also compromise productivity, expose businesses to security risks, and impede vendor relationships and support. Ultimately, prioritizing price over quality and long-term value can limit growth opportunities, diminish competitiveness, and undermine the overall success and sustainability of the business.

Beyond the Sales Pitch

What sets 360 Visibility apart is our unwavering commitment to client success and building trust. Our reputation as industry leaders in Microsoft Cloud solutions allows us to offer unparalleled insights, guidance and instill confidence in the services we deliver. We understand that the importance of a return on investment which is why our tailored approach not only drives immediate business results but also lays the foundation for long-term growth.

Partnering with 360 Visibility means prioritizing expertise and transparency along with optimized solutions for your budget needs. From our team of Microsoft experts to our accountability, we are dedicated to supporting your business and encourage you to choose a partner who shares your vision.

Reach out to us today for a consultation and systems review to experience the 360 Visibility difference firsthand.


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Lynn Cooke
Lynn Cooke
Lynn co-founded 360 Visibility Inc with Marco D’Ercole in 2003, around a vision of providing all enterprise participants in a client organization with the information they need to make swift, well-informed, coordinated, and above all profitable business decisions. Prior to founding 360 Visibility and as a partner in the Deloitte Consulting Group, Lynn led many practice groups including Strategy and Selection, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Great Plains, and Seibel CRM.
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