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Customer Case Study: Pain Specialists of America Moves from Managed Services Provider to Internal IT Management with 360 Visibility

Pain Specialists of America (PSA) is a medical practice that specializes in the treatment of pain. They have been in operation for over a decade and have grown to become a leading provider of pain management services in the United States. PSA’s IT infrastructure is critical to the smooth operation of their business, which is why they have always relied on Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to manage their IT needs. However, after experiencing issues with their MSP, PSA decided to move to internal IT management, with the help of Microsoft Cloud Partner, 360 Visibility.


The Pain Specialists of America (PSA) relied on a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to manage their IT needs, including provisioning Azure Cloud Servers for their infrastructure. However, PSA started experiencing several issues with their MSP, which ultimately led them to seek an alternative solution.

The primary issue that PSA experienced with their MSP was related to a lack of transparency and cost management, specifically with their Azure Cloud Servers. The MSP was not clear about the purpose of some of the servers provisioned which led to issues with server utilization and costs. PSA was unable to control the costs associated with their IT infrastructure, which was a significant problem for the organization. This ultimately lead to PSA’s need to find a new partner as their trust had been broken.

Another issue that PSA faced with their MSP was related to administrative privileges. The MSP was blocking PSA staff from administrative privileges, making it difficult for them to manage their own IT needs. This resulted in a lack of control over their IT infrastructure, and PSA was unable to customize their infrastructure to meet their specific needs. This was particularly problematic as Pain Specialists of America’s IT infrastructure is critical to the smooth operation of their business, and the lack of administrative privileges was impeding their ability to operate efficiently.

Moreover, the lack of administrative privileges was impacting PSA’s ability to respond quickly to any issues that arose in their IT infrastructure. With the MSP in control of their IT infrastructure, PSA was unable to take immediate action to address any issues, which could result in longer downtime and lost productivity. This lack of control and the inability to respond quickly to IT issues was having a negative impact on PSA’s business.

Overall, PSA’s Managed Service Provider was not meeting their needs, and the issues they were experiencing were impacting their budget, their ability to manage their own IT infrastructure, and their ability to respond quickly to IT issues. This led PSA to seek an alternative solution that would allow them to manage their IT needs internally, giving them greater control over their IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and improving their ability to respond to any issues that arose.


PSA began working with 360 Visibility, a Microsoft Cloud Partner, to find a new solution for their IT management needs. After conducting a thorough analysis of PSA’s IT infrastructure, 360 Visibility recommended that PSA move away from their MSP and manage their IT needs internally with licensing and advisory support services from 360 Visibility.

“We realized our MSP was causing more harm than good. We had no control over our IT infrastructure and they were blocking our staff from making necessary changes. That’s when we turned to 360 Visibility. With their help, we were able to take control of our IT needs and improve our security posture. I highly recommend them to any organization looking to do the same.” Robert Stringham – VP of Business Operations, Pain Specialists of America

To make the transition as smooth as possible, 360 Visibility worked closely with PSA’s IT staff to ensure that they had the necessary training and support to manage their own IT infrastructure. They also provided licensing support for PSA’s Microsoft Azure cloud services and offered ongoing advisory services to ensure that PSA’s IT infrastructure remained optimized and efficient.

As part of their solution to move away from their MSP and manage their IT needs internally, 360 Visibility implemented additional technologies to support PSA’s IT infrastructure. These technologies included Microsoft Intune for device management and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to protect workstations and Servers. These replaced the gap left by the MSP who had used a 3rd party Remote Management and Monitoring system for device management and security.

Datto for Microsoft 365 backup needs:

360 Visibility recommended Datto for Microsoft 365 backup needs as a way to protect PSA’s critical data from loss or corruption. Datto’s solution provides cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Microsoft 365 applications, including Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive. With Datto, PSA’s data is backed up regularly and can be easily restored in the event of data loss or corruption. This ensured that PSA’s critical data was protected from any potential data loss, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring data integrity.

Security and device management using Microsoft Intune:

360 Visibility also implemented Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based service that provides device management and security for PSA’s IT infrastructure. With Intune, PSA’s IT staff can manage devices and users from a single console, ensuring that all devices are properly secured and managed. This includes enforcing security policies, such as password policies and encryption, and ensuring that all devices are up-to-date with the latest patches and updates. By implementing Microsoft Intune, PSA’s IT staff can monitor and manage devices remotely, which allows them to respond quickly to any potential security threats.


After working with 360 Visibility to move away from their Managed Service Provider and manage their IT needs internally, PSA experienced several benefits. Firstly, they were able to reduce their overall IT costs by managing their own IT infrastructure. Secondly, they had greater control over their IT infrastructure, which allowed them to optimize it for their specific needs. Thirdly, they were able to improve their IT security, as they were able to manage their own administrative privileges and ensure that their data was secure.

In addition, by implementing Datto for Microsoft 365 backup needs and security and device management using Microsoft Intune, 360 Visibility provided PSA with additional layers of protection and security for their IT infrastructure. This allowed PSA to focus on their core business of providing pain management services, knowing that their critical data was protected and their IT infrastructure was secure. With these additional technologies in place, PSA was able to manage their IT needs internally, reducing costs and improving their IT infrastructure’s efficiency and security.

Next Steps

Are you experiencing issues with your Managed Services Provider, like The Pain Specialists of America did? Is your IT infrastructure costing you more than it should? Do you lack control over your IT infrastructure, making it difficult to customize to meet your specific needs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to take action.

At 360 Visibility, we provide IT advisory services to help organizations like yours gain control over their IT infrastructure and improve their security posture. Our experienced team can help you assess your infrastructure and identify areas for improvement, including optimizing your cloud environment, implementing backup and disaster recovery solutions, and improving your security posture.

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