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How to create a custom Outlook email signature with dynamic variables for every user in your company

Have you ever stopped to look at the Outlook email signature of the people sending you emails?

Does it look good?

Is all their company and contact info there?

Do you see the dreaded box with a little red “X”?

Do they even have an email signature?

Now, do you ever worry if your Outlook email signatures have this same problem? What if no one in your company has a proper email signature. Think of the poor experience, lack of professionalism, and bad impression you are leaving with prospects and customers.

So, what if I told you there is a way to automatically generate and apply custom email signatures in Outlook for Office 365 to every employee, standardized, and with your company branding and contact info.

You’d say, “Impossible! I’ve tried everything and nothing works.”

Well, then why are you still reading this? Because you’ve finally come across an email signature service that works.

Outlook Email Signature for Office 365 using 365 Monogram

365 Monogram is a managed email signature service that generates standardized company email signatures with dynamic information natively inside Outlook. Your emails are never sent to a 3rd party server to attach an email signature before continuing to your recipient.

Distribute email signatures to all employees

365 Monogram email signatures for Outlook connects to your Office 365 Active Directory to generate signatures and install them to each users’ account.

Dynamic Outlook email signatures

Using Active Directory, 365 Monogram email signatures can pull relevant data from a users’ profile to populate dynamic fields in the signature, like Name, Title, Department, etc. If it’s in Active Directory, it can be added automatically to your email signature.

Standardized Outlook email signatures in Office 365

Customizable email signature templates in 365 Monogram allow you to standardize the design and ensure your branding and information is consistently applied.

Save on IT resources and costs

Free up valuable IT resources by using 365 Monogram Outlook email signatures to automatically install signatures, and updates without needed employee intervention.

Deploying Custom Outlook Email Signatures Has Never Been Easier

Integrated with the Microsoft Azure Cloud, your Office 365 email signatures are stored in a fast and globally accessible cloud server. 365 Monogram utilizes built-in Windows and Office 365 functionality to fully manage and automate the tedious task of ensuring every staff member has the correct email signatures, complete with their contact information.

Best of all, your email signatures are visible in your email composer as you write your email. They never go through a third-party service to attach your signatures. This makes sure your sensitive emails are 100% secure.

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Adding Value as your Microsoft Partner

When you partner with 360 Visibility and use the 365 Monogram Email Signature service to deploy custom Outlook email signatures to your employees automatically, you also gain the support and advisory services of a Tier-1 Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise in:

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What are the benefits of working with a Microsoft CSP partner?

Partnering with a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP partner you will gain access to the power and scalability of the cloud while still getting the personalized service of a company that can take the time to support your team’s efforts and make sure you succeed. A Tier 1 Microsoft CSP partner can:

  • Help you reduce expenses and eliminate overlapping services by architecting a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud solution – all on a single invoice
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  • Allow you to retain control of what you want to control, and handoff administration aspects that are out of your scope, or that you simply don’t have time for
  • Offer superior 24/7 support with proactive management and monitoring to minimize downtime and delays

360 Visibility is a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP Partner

When you buy licenses from 360 Visibility, you are getting more than a license. At 360 Visibility, we leverage the Microsoft Cloud Platform to build the best possible cloud experience for your business. As one of the only Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Partners that specialize in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Azure Cloud, and Office 365, we can offer your business a complete 360 solution that is integrated, flexible, and cost-effective.

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