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Office 365 Email Signatures

Automatically generate and apply custom Outlook email signatures for Office 365 users. 365 Monogram lets you create, deploy, and manage standardized corporate email signatures.

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What can Office 365 Email Signatures do for my business?

365 Monogram Office 365 Email Signatures is the perfect tool for businesses that need to standardize and deploy custom email signatures to all users automatically.

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Integrated with the Microsoft Azure Cloud, your Office 365 email signatures are stored in a fast and globally accessible cloud server. 365 Monogram utilizes built-in Windows and Office 365 functionality to fully manage and automate the tedious task of ensuring every staff member has the correct email signatures, complete with their contact information.

Best of all, your email signatures are visible in your email composer as you write your email. They never go through a third-party service to attach your signatures. This makes sure your sensitive emails are 100% secure.

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