Tips for Office 365 users

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By Sam Esposito, BDM, IT Infrastructure

You may be familiar with traditional Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but, with the programs now being hosted in the cloud, there are many new capabilities to explore.

PC World, a global computer advice magazine, compiled a list of tips for Office 365 users to help them get better acquainted with the web-based program:


1) Create Personal and Team Websites

Office 365 users can activate a ‘My Site’ website where they can share and manage documents using SharePoint online. Not only that, but users can also create a ‘Team Site’ and sync calendars, collaborate on projects and work offline. To create a ‘Team Site,’ users can go to the Site Actions menu, choose New Site and click on the Featured Items or Browse All tab. Assign a URL to the Team Site and click Create.

2) Add shared and private notes during a meeting on Lync

Items saved in OneNote can be shared and used in Lync meetings. To start a note, users can click the OneNote tab in the conversation window and select My Notes. They can type private notes or share notes.

3) Share presentations, calendars and documents

Lync allows users to share their desktop, white-board and polls, as well as PowerPoint presentations. When users start an instant message conversation with another user, they can click on the Share drop-down menu and select the PowerPoint option. From here users can decide who can enter the presentation, who presents and who can make changes.

To share documents in Lync, users can click on the paper clip icon in the instant messaging window, choose a file, click Open, select the item they want to share and send.

Office 365 also allows users to share their calendars with a single contact or a group of people. Users can do this through the calendar view by clicking on Share and inserting the person or persons they want to share their calendar with.

4) Edit or view docs in real time

SharePoint allows multiple users to work and edit the same document at the same time. In SharePoint’s document library, users can view and edit the document in the browser but do to this the corresponding web applications such as Word, Excel, etc. must be installed.

5) Mobile App

The Lync mobile app includes similar capabilities as the desktop version. Users can instant message, call, email and video conference. Users can also share documents and set their availability preference i.e. online, in a meeting, offline.

6) Record Sessions in Lync

Lync allows users to document and record current conversations, calls and meetings so employees can reference them afterward.

While in Lync, in the conversation window, users can click on the More Options menu and start recording. Users can access saved recordings by navigating to the Microsoft Lync Recording Manager.

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