Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Keeping you ahead of the game so you can keep customers first

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is your company’s best solution for customer relationship management. At 360 Visibility, we help you see the complete picture, so you can deliver exceptional products that suit the needs of your clients. We can connect you to the powerful analytics software offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Canada in order to anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of consumers and stay ahead of the game.

Transform your Canadian business with 360 Visibility and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes a complicated consumer market simple. With intuitive, familiar programs, Dynamics CRM is designed to complement the Microsoft Office and Outlook programs you already use. It allows you to quickly and easily anticipate and deliver to the needs of your unique client base. Manage your accounts and contacts all in one place, and connect effortlessly to the people and resources that will propel your business forward.

At 360 Visibility, we know that good customer relationships drive your business. The loyalty and trust you build over the years set your company apart. Keep your customers happy with the flexibility to keep up with their changing needs, while maintaining a consistently high level of service. Our trademark 360 view that we provide of your customer will facilitate the business decisions that can lead to continued success in a dynamic, technologically advanced world.

Focus on what you do best, leave the rest to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What if you could maximize sales and optimize marketing without trial and error? Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to do just that, with sales and marketing automation that simplifies business decision-making.

Drive productivity and deliver customer service smoothly.  Resolve issues quickly and easily with automated customer care processes that save you money. A clean, simple user experience allows you to see clearly and act on opportunity faster. Readily navigate efficient software to quickly create records and forms, and access the information, contacts and Bing maps you need to get moving. Touch enabled technology makes mobile navigation even easier, and intuitive, newly designed command and tool bars shorten the gap between idea and implementation.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Customer Relationship Management for an Increasingly Social World

In an ever-more technologically connected world, social software features are key to any successful business. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have the power to market to a broad audience on a variety of platforms and to broadcast the benefits of your product to prospective clients. Maintain your loyal client base with exceptional service. Collaborate internationally and innovate for the needs of the future.

At 360 Visibility, we know that the social world is here to stay and  Microsoft Dynamics CRM can link your Canadian business to opportunity.  Let us help you get connected and stay connected in a modern economy.

Talk to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Expert:

Marco DErcole

Executive Vice President at 360 Visibility

Marco is an industry recognized expert at building and aligning an organization’s technology with their business strategy in a cost-effective and often innovative way.

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Dynamics CRM and 360 Visibility will transform the way your business does:

Sales Automation Improve the way your sales and marketing teams target new customers, manage marketing campaigns and drive sales activities. With MS Dynamics CRM, you can increase your sales pipeline, maximize opportunities to cross-sell products and services and help your sales force arrive prepared for every client meeting. Maximize your sales strategy, take advantage of analytics features and easily access a client’s entire history, all through a familiar interface.
Customer Relationships Providing increased value to your customers is a key factor in the success of your business. With MS Dynamics CRM, every interaction with your customers becomes an opportunity to strengthen your relationship, and increase customer loyalty. By responding faster to service issues, offering targeted, relevant information on products and services and better managing your resources, you are able to exceed customer expectations on a consistent basis, and open up opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling your products and services. Clients get targeted, consistent, high-end service, and you reap the benefits of a long standing customer relationship.
Customer Care With a 360-degree view of the customer, your agents can resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times with advanced customer service software. By automating processes, you can also reduce costs and help to ensure consistent customer service is delivered across all touchpoints.
Marketing Automation Responding quickly to your customers changing needs is a crucial part of your success. With MS Dynamics CRM you can create a single view of each client based on their unique information, and focus your marketing efforts using intelligent list and segmentation tools. You are able to execute smarter marketing campaigns by utilizing the powerful analytics tools found in the SQL server, and understand better what your clients are telling you. A clearer view of your customers means better decision-making for your team.
Soclal CRM Far more than a passing trend, social is here to stay. Enterprise Social can help you do whatever you need to do—faster and smarter.Social capabilities help you to:

Technology Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a modern business application engineered with the latest technologies to transform the engage and retain your customers.With embedded social, mobile and proactive process guidance Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help improve the productivity for everyone in your company.

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