Can Microsoft Dynamics Integrate with your current IT systems?

Written by: Jason Meilleur
Published: February 27, 2014



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    Let’s start by answering ‘yes’ to the above question and then go into the ‘how.’

    Well first, it’s safe to say that most businesses use various technologies in their everyday operations. It’s also safe to say that the technological backbone of today’s business is formed by the devices and software an enterprise uses to stay connected. But, without the right technology, a company will not be able to compete in today’s business environment.

    Why Microsoft Dynamics?

    That’s why, when it comes to choosing a new business management solution, it is important to note that Microsoft Dynamics is designed from the ground up, easily integrating with your existing systems.

    The intricate design of Microsoft Dynamics solutions includes comprehensive ERP functionality that simplifies IT challenges, and consolidates data and processes into a single application. This means that the customized solution will open up new possibilities and it also means that your IT department will have fewer headaches when trying to tie existing systems together.

    How We Can Help

    Because of 360 Visibility’s strong partnership with Microsoft and SCRIBE, we not only help with integrating Microsoft Dynamics solutions, we also specialize in infrastructure implementation and maintenance. Whether its computer hardware, phone devices, PDA’s, or physical networks, 360 Visibility can provide the technical infrastructure your company requires.

    Depending on your business needs, our team will come in and assess your current IT environment – such as the stability of your wireless network, email functionality and server access – and look for gaps and areas for improvement. And, being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we will also look for ways to ensure that your company is using the most relevant, efficient and cost effective programs and licenses.

    Not only this, but 360 Visibility also guides organizations with decisions on Cloud technologies. The Cloud allows businesses to ‘rent’ internet space and offload expenditures so that the information doesn’t weigh down servers. This solution is beneficial because it allows businesses to store information and keep it up and running even in case of power outages.

    After assessing your technological and infrastructure needs, 360 Visibility will then deploy highly skilled individuals to install the equipment, configure it and migrate your data from the old system to the new one. We also empower companies to take control of their networks and how to use their new software.

    After migration, 360 Visibility will continue to monitor your IT environment and be there for support.

    We Customize for Your Needs

    Many companies use a variety of software in their day to day operations and 360 Visibility, along with Microsoft Dynamics, is designed to tie into your current system or customize solutions for your needs.

    Learn More

    Visit our Cloud IT Infrastructure page to learn more about our services.

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