Key Requirements to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

Key Requirements to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner
Written by: Barbara Allen
Published: May 29, 2018

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Whether you’re selecting a partner for the first time or engaging with a new Dynamics GP Partner, here’s a few items to consider.

Most businesses think selecting the correct software solution for their organization is the hardest part of an implementation process. What most businesses don’t take into consideration is the process of choosing the right Microsoft partner to install, implement and support you on your software solution. Choosing the right Dynamics GP Partner can make all the difference between the success or failure of your project.

Even with the best software solution in place, a bad partnership can be costly and frustrating for your entire company. When you take the time to find the right partner, you will be welcomed to a smooth implementation, comprehensive training, and excellent on-going support by a team of professionals that you enjoy working with.

Here are some of the top items to consider and key questions to ask when selecting your next (and hopefully last) Microsoft Dynamics GP (Dynamics Great Plains) Partner:

Items to consider when choosing a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

  1. Does your new partner have a project manager that will coordinate your implementation and migration of data?
  2. Will the new Partner provide you with on-going post implementation support both on-site and via remote support?
  3. Wiil the new partner provide on-going  training as you require it?
  4. Does your Dynamics Partner have the experience to suggest different solutions to meet your changing organizational challenges?
  5. How experienced are the Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultants that will work on your project initially and then for post implementation support?
  6. Does the Dynamics GP Partner support hosting in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for better performance, security, and cost-savings?

Top Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

1. Have they worked with companies like yours?

Be sure to inquire about the size of the company, the number of accounts and the typical size and industries of their clients. Ask if they have experience working with companies similar to yours, and if they have any references from satisfied clients that they could provide you. Check with the references yourself and ask them particularly about the prospective partner’s working style!

2. What can you expect when it comes to implementation?

It is always beneficial to have everyone, from management to the IT team, on the same page. Be sure your Partner provides you with a detailed roadmap and assessment of the implementation process, as well as the steps they will take to ensure you are supported throughout the process. This will help reduce the risk of a failed project or even a challenged project.

3. How will the partner fit in with your business culture?

If you are selecting a Microsoft Dynamics partner – don’t just choose based on location or price. Evaluate the working style and past clients of the partner and choose someone that is a match for your business!

4. What do they know about your industry?

When selecting a partner in any aspect of business, you want to be sure they understand your product and industry. You don’t want to have to educate them about your industry before they can figure out what you need. If your working terms are unknown to them, communication will be difficult. If you work with a Dynamics Great Plains partner who has other successful implementations in your industry, you can actually benefit from their experience.

5. What is the experience level of the partner and their employees?

Inquire about the size of the company, the number of accounts and the typical size and industries of their clients. And don’t forget to consider the experience level of the Dynamics GP Consultants at the company.


See how we helped Pizzaville implement Microsoft Dynamics GP to give them even greater insights into their inventory

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Angelo Contardi, CEO of Pizzaville

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Selecting a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in the Greater Toronto Area

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With a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution powered by 360 Visibility we provide your business with both technical and non-technical training to help your employees do their jobs well, wherever they are, and in whatever application they choose.


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