Is Hospitality Management Software a Smart Investment in a Down Economy?

Is Hospitality Management Software a Smart Investment in a Down Economy?
Written by: Barbara Allen
Published: October 7, 2009



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    While everything is in flux in this time of technological revolutionizing and economic bootstrapping and global map redrafting, the travel and hospitality industry has got to be among the most flux-y.

    Gone, after all, are the days of endless in-person requirements for booking and managing hotel and hospitality engagements. Technology has seen to it that today’s hospitality customer is only a click away from everything—from in-room pillow turning to out-of-this-world dinner reservations. Thanks to the innovation of a little bit of magic we know as the Internet, the travel and hospitality industry has spread its reach and its speed and its sails.

    Manage Reservations, Accounting and Personnel Management

    Our company offers its hotel/hospitality clients integration, adaptability, usability and experience so they can see clearly and act quickly, can capitalize on the latest technology, can facilitate the introduction of all kinds of cool new stuff at their properties. From reservations to accounting to personnel management and all points in between, 360 Visibility has the technology to navigate clients to safe harbours, even those feeling the most at sea.

    Consolidate All Your Hotel Management Systems

    What’s more, we’ll engineer into the waters a system of bridges that can string together your islands of data such that their relevance no longer exists in isolation. Our hospitality management software means clients can treat their hotel management system as a single entity, while, at the same time, allowing executive personnel a means to analyze individual department profitability and guest behaviour.

    Maintain Margins with Guest Retention and Operational Efficiency

    Operational efficiency and guest retention are key to survival in this extremely customer-centric field, but it’s tougher than ever to attract a loyal crowd, especially if you hope to do so with any kind of margins intact.

    In the Hospitality industry, it’s all about Customer Relationships

    It’s all about relationships on the hospitality route, and that suits us at 360 Visibility just fine. We happen to be pretty good at those here, and so can tap in rather handily to the imperative in this line of work to stay meaningfully connected to those folks who are charting a course without a functioning compass. Building on a foundation that values customer-relationship management above all else, we at 360 Visibility set our hotel and hospitality customers up to accurately and attentively manage their own contacts in even the stormiest of weather patterns.

    With 360 at the helm, the port, at last, has a view of the starboard side.

    Even when the waves are in serious flux.

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