Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 New Features

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 New Features
Written by: Barbara Allen
Published: December 5, 2017



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    Dynamics GP 2018 is now officially available as of December 1, 2017.  Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP continues to evolve with a detailed road map for the future with continual investments from Microsoft for its strong mid-market ERP system.

    As Dynamics GP is a mature application, you will see now, and into the future, more and more focus on User Experience and user requested functions, rather than major releases of new modules or other core functions and capabilities. This is a great news for users who have in the past asked for additional functionality in their ERP system, where stability, flexibility and scalability have always been forefront.

    Some of the new and improved features in Dynamics GP 2018 include:

    • SmartList Favourites with unique password protection. Great for sharing as read-only so no one makes changes to your SmartLists
    • Checks and Cheques have been renamed as Payments as seen in Payables Transaction windows. This reflects the common term for ETF vs Cheque.
    • Copy user access settings and security across AA dimension codes.  Saves time on setting up new users for those using Analytical Accounting.
    • A variety of new Sort functions for the Receivables Transaction Inquiry window – by Type, document number, amount, amount remaining, document date, etc.
    • Ability to Print and Email a single statement from the customer maintenance or customer inquiry windows.
    • Ability to print Purchase Requisitions.
    • User experience updates to the Dynamics GP web client including ‘type ahead auto-complete’.
    • Additional sorting options for Bank Reconciliations.  Helps save time when working on your monthly bank rec.
    • More integration and accelerators for Power BI with the new GP 2018 Power BI Content Pack.

    Check here for proposed Microsoft Dynamics GP R2 Features

    Workflow v4.0

    • New workflow approvals for General Ledger Accounts and Purchase Invoice
    • Workflow now exists for almost all areas including batch approvals for Purchasing, Payroll, Project, Payables, Sales, System Security and Vendor management.
    • Ability to copy workflow steps and settings.
    • Additional fields for PO and Payables transaction workflow.
    • Reminder e-mails for Workflow to help keep approvals on task.

    Improved Document Attachment

    • Add, View and Modify attachments on most master record windows, inquiry windows and transaction entry windows.
    • Document Attach icon is now shown within the Ribbon on most transaction and inquiry screens including:
      • GP Document Attachment on Receivables Entry
      • Document Attachment in General Ledger Entry
      • Document Attachment on Employee Inquiry
      • GP Display Vendor notes on Vendor Inquiry
      • Display Customer notes on Customer Inquiry
      • Project Notes screens in Project Inquiry and PA Project Inquiry
      • Document Attach in Asset General Information (FA) (Fixed Assets).

    So why should your business upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018?

    Besides getting access to the best version of Dynamics GP, businesses on outdated or unsupported versions of Dynamics GP (2013 and older) should strongly consider an upgrade immediately as Microsoft continues to phase out support and updates to those versions. Don’t put your business in jeopardy by using an old version missing critical updates to tax tables.

    Should businesses on newer versions of Dynamics GP still think about upgrading? The answer is YES! While you can continue to enjoy access to any feature upgrades that are released with your current Dynamics GP, there are many highly requested user-friendly features that are only available in Dynamics GP 2018 that you will want to consider!

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