Top 5 Features We Love in CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Top 5 Features We Love in CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Written by: Barbara Allen
Published: February 27, 2018



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    There are so many features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are available for both Online and On-Premises, some – for now – are Online only. And as Dynamics 365 continues to improve and develop, the frequency of these updates can present a challenge when it comes to understanding the latest features and understanding how it will benefit your organization. Because changes are vital for businesses to be as productive as possible, we have compiled a list of our team’s favorite features!

    1. Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

    The app was introduced in 2015 and gets significant updates with this release, hence why it is at the top of our list! Businesses can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook to tap the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 while using Outlook on the desktop, web, or tablet. For example, view information about email or appointment recipients, or link an Outlook email or appointment to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 record such as an opportunity, account, or case.

    To learn more about what Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook offers see the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook User Guide

    1. Power BI Integration

    With Dynamics 365 you can now embed entire dashboards. Because the capabilities of Power BI in Dynamics 365 have been further enhanced, you can now add “tiles” to dashboards, embed entire dashboards in reports and make them interactive, and create real-time visualizations. Beyond that, you can also enable these embedded dashboards for tablets as well as smartphones.

    1. Azure Machine Learning

    Included in Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s tool for predictive and artificial intelligence (AI). Azure Machine Learning can be used for, among many other things, recommending cross-selling opportunities, auto-suggesting knowledgebase articles, and analyzing cases and tickets.

    1. Outlook Client

    Although the integration between Dynamics CRM and the Outlook Client has always been tight, Dynamics 365 takes that integration to yet another level. Now you can work more efficiently without ever leaving your inbox, track your emails, book appointments and set tasks.
    Video: Take a further look into Outlook Client

    1. Business Process Flow Enhancements

    This functionality has great new material. With an excellent user experience, using a simple drag and drop interface, you can easily see your organization’s entire workflow. You can also have separate business process flows for different security roles so users can make modifications at any time. By using business process flows, you can eliminate expensive and cumbersome workflows and quickly build a complete solution with Dynamics 365.

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