Cost Savings for Wholesale Distribution Operations with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Cost Savings for Wholesale Distribution Operations with Dynamics 365 Business Central
Written by: Barbara Allen
Published: January 28, 2021



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    The wholesale distribution operations business sector comes with distinct challenges. It also requires Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that keeps pace and simplifies its unique organizational activities. It must maximize warehouse operations, efficiently ship products, and balance optimal stock levels. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central (Business Central) for Finance and Supply Chain Management offers the technology and tailored features enterprises need to stay ahead of the competition and take their distribution business to the next level.

    Meet Customer Expectations at Lower Cost

    Whether a large retailer, small business, or something in between, no matter which type of customer you serve, their expectations are growing. Of course, everyone wants great products, but they also want them delivered faster and at a lower price.

    Most wholesale distributors want to meet those demands. Yet, traditional solutions don’t seem capable of keeping up with an increasingly complex process that now includes global supply chains, multiple channels, and greater regulation. Business Central is an end-to-end solution that helps you align your stock with demand while optimizing your warehousing and enhancing your customer relationships.

    • Optimize end-to-end warehouse management. From route planning to inventory replenishment, Business Central automates and streamlines your entire warehousing process. Lead time management is improved, and goods are delivered to customers more quickly and on time.
    • Manage stock more efficiently. Wholesale distribution businesses that still employ traditional information systems are finding it more challenging to make good decisions. Business Central gives you a better understanding of your inventory and stock profitability and helps you predict customer demand. You can also use the software system to gather information on the best-performing suppliers to deliver on time and price.
    • Streamline customer interactions. Business Central’s Customer Service Solution is designed to track your order pipeline more closely and better manage individual cases. Your customer interactions are more professional and consistent, leading to improved customer retention, satisfaction, and feedback.

    And because Business Central generates business intelligence reports, you gain immediate insight into costs, resources, and orders to measure and maximize productivity and profitability.

    Create a Competitive Advantage with Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Key areas of value for wholesale distribution companies include process automation, connected supply chains, data flexibility, and analytics and business intelligence. Here’s how Business Central helps you meet customer needs and takes multiple, disjointed systems and turns them into a single solution that makes ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting easier and faster. 

    • Automate processes and manage exceptions. Most wholesale distributors use employees to manage orders, workflows, approvals and invoicing. Business Central automates these processes, so employees only manage exceptions, not the entire distribution process. Your team spends less time focused on tasks and more time dealing with areas that need the most attention. Automation also reduces human error, which leads to greater efficiencies and reduced costs.
    • Connect supply chains. Wholesale distributors need accurate numbers to measure their business’ financial health. Traditional methods are often complex due to siloed, incomplete data across disconnected systems. Using Business Central to manage finances and supply chain functions gives you stronger financial management capabilities and supply chain functions.
    • Share data across networks. Multiple customer touchpoints with the supply chain ecosystem can make it difficult to quickly get information to and from suppliers, carriers, and customers while delaying the entire process. With Business Central, you can create a secure cloud-based portal that allows your customers to use self-service options while enabling you to interact with suppliers on a more timely basis. You can also track, monitor, and manage vendor performance to anticipate supply chain disruptions better. The result is more visibility and understanding of your supply chain.
    • Intelligence to optimize inventory. While it’s possible to solve customer service problems by keeping a large inventory on hand, it’s hardly a sustainable profitability model. Business Central uses machine learning and AI to help you plan and forecast customer service and order fulfillment.

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    The Perfect Fit for Wholesale Distribution Operations

    Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to manage all aspects of your wholesale distribution operations, from pricing to inbound transportation and supplier management. With its easy-to-use interface, real-time inventory control, mobile access, and accurate financials, it’s the perfect end-to-end solution for the wholesale industry, one that can help you grow your business as it delivers more consistent distribution processes, management information you can rely on, and greater costs control.

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