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In this demonstration, we are going to show you how to easily create a workflow using a template in Business Central. Workflows can be used to streamline and add controls to selected business processes. Workflows can be set up with multiple conditions and approval hierarchies. Coupled with the attachment feature, the automated workflows can eliminate the need to keep paper trails and retain audit trails within the system itself. Thus, making the process faster and efficientIn this blog, we will see how to create a Purchase Order approval workflow. 


Setup the Users Who Are Involved in the Approval Process


Go to Approval User Setup.

approval workflow


Select all the users who are involved in the approval process.

Select all the users who are involved in the approval process


Enter the email address.

Enter the email address

Note: You can also specify Approval Hierarchy and limits on this page, if you’re planning to use the Approver Chain method for approvals. 


Setup Notifications 


Go to Notification Setup.

Notification set up


Set the Notification type to Approval and Notification Method to Email. You can choose to set up a schedule for periodic notification or set it to “Instantly” to notify immediately.  

Set the Notification type to Approval and Notification Method to Email. You can choose to setup a schedule for periodic notification or set it to “Instantly” to notify immediately.


Configure the Workflow Using the Template


Go to Workflows 

Go to workflows


On the Workflows page click on New-> New Workflow from Template.

On the Workflows page click on New-> New Workflow from Template


From the list of templates select “Purchase Order Approval Workflow” and click OK.From the list of templates select “Purchase Order Approval Workflow” and click OK


On the Workflow page, click on “On Condition” field of the event “Approval of purchase document is requested 

On the Workflow page, click on “On Condition” field of the event “Approval of purchase document is requested”


On the Event Conditions page specify the conditions to trigger this workflow. Multiple parameters can be used to specify the conditions. In this example, the conditions are Document Type = Order, Status = Open, and the Amount >1000. 

However, if you have multiple conditions of the same parameter, then different workflows need to be created. E.g. the condition for this workflow is Amount > 1000. If the approvals are different for Amount < 1000, then it needs to be set up as a separate workflow.    

event conditions


Click on the “Then Response Field” to set up the approvals.

Click on the “Then Response Field” to setup the approvals


Select the line “Create an approval request………………….” And specify the following fields. 

Select the line “Create an approval request………………….” And specify the following fields.


Enable Show Confirmation Message 

Enter a Due Date Formula 

Specify the Delegate After time periodThe Options are: 

  • Never 
  • 1 Day 
  • 2 Days 
  • 5 Days 

Select the Approver Type. The options are: 

  • Salesperson/Purchaser: The user who is set up in the Salesperson./Purch. Code field for the requester is selected as the Approver  
  • Approver: The user who is set up in the Approver ID field for the requester is selected as the Approver 
  • Workflow User Group: The approver is determined from the Workflow User Group. 

Select the Approver Limit Type. The options are: 

  • Specific Approver: If this option is selected, then the approver needs to be specified on the Approver ID field below. 
  • Approver Chain: The approval request entries are created for all the requester’s approvers up to and including the first qualified approver. 
  • Direct Approver: An approval request entry is only created for the requester’s immediate approver, regardless of the approver’s approval limit. 
  • First Qualified Approver: An approval request entry is only created for the requester’s first qualified approver   

Specify an Approver Id if the option Specific Approver is selected above. 

In this example, we would set up Approver Type to Approver and Approver Limit Type to Specific Approver 

Click on the value “(+) Remove Record Restriction 

Click on the value “(+) Remove Record Restriction”


Click on the assist button to select new workflow responses.Click on the assist button to select new workflow responses


Select “Create a notification for % and click OK.

Select “Create a notification for %” and click OK


Enable Notify Sender and set Notification Entry Type to Approval and click OK. 

Enable Notify Sender and set Notification Entry Type to Approval and click OK.


Finally, enable the Workflow.

Enable the Workflow


With the above steps, you should be able to easily set up a simple Purchase Order workflow. More complex workflows can also be set us using multiple criteria. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or need our assistance to evaluate your requirements.  


Simaak Hameed
Simaak Hameed
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