Business Central’s Copilot is here to redefine online product marketing

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In the ever-changing world of marketing, I’ve come to realize that success isn’t just about the quality of your products; it’s also about how well you market them. Crafting captivating product descriptions is key for attracting and retaining customers, but this process can definitely be time-consuming. That’s where Business Central’s Copilot feature steps in – an AI tool designed to revolutionize how we handle marketing!

In this fast-paced and constantly changing landscape of online marketing, time is of essence. Waiting for manual creation of product descriptions can delay the launch of new products or updates to existing ones. Microsoft Copilot for Business Central expedites my time to market by automating the generation of product descriptions. Seamlessly integrated into the inventory management system, this generative AI tool ensures an easy and quick transition from uploading a product picture to having the perfect description ready.

The game-changing moment happens with the introduction of the Marketing Text area. Accessible from the Item card actions or FactBox, this feature redefines the process of crafting product descriptions for various marketing activities.

But here’s where Business Central Copilot truly shines – AI-powered suggestions. By tapping into Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT technology, it provides the best product description suggestions based on the item’s attributes, category, and name. You can effortlessly review, edit, and choose the perfect description that resonates with your brand.

Customization is the key! Copilot for Dynamics 365 Business Central doesn’t just generate generic descriptions, it crafts tailored marketing copy that speaks to the attributes of each product. Whether it’s the color, material, or other distinctive features, the AI-powered suggestions resonate with your audience. The result is a set of marketing options that capture the essence of your products, making them connect with your potential customers.

For those out there like me who rely on Shopify through the Business Central extension, the process reaches new heights. With added actions on the item card and list, you can send products directly to your Shopify store. This integration ensures that your store settings, including item pictures, marketing text, inventory, and price, seamlessly reflect on the Shopify platform.

In the fast-paced world of online retail, Business Central’s Copilot will evolve into more than just a tool for most of us marketers – it’s a trusted go-to companion and it’s going to redefine how I approach marketing in the digital age, allowing all products to articulate their success in a language that resonates.

Watch Copilot for Business Central in action!

Randy Villanueva
Randy Villanueva
Randy joined 360 Visibility as a Senior Dynamics Consultant in February 2019, with his many years of experience in Navision Financials, Navision Solutions, Navision Attain, MBS Navision, and Dynamics NAV. It didn’t take long for him to fit in and start working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He is responsible for Development Projects, Migration, and Conversion. Prior to joining 360, he had worked several years with Navision in multiple industries like retail, trading, manufacturing, warehousing, health care, shipping and fulfillment, direct marketing, and online shopping. When he is not buzzing hard at work, you can catch him reading an e-book in the lunchroom, or in nicer weather going on long walks around his neighborhood to get some fresh air.
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