Choosing the Right Accounting and ERP Software

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As your business constantly evolves, maximizing the potential of your accounting and ERP software is crucial. Every challenge is an opportunity to adapt and position yourselves for the future. However, growth comes with its own set of challenges. When faced with the need to manage expansion, there typically are three options:

  1. Ride it out: Sometimes you just hope to weather out challenges with your existing solution. This often leads to feeling aimless or overwhelmed, expecting things to stabilize.
  2. Hire more people: While initially easing the strain, hiring comes with added costs and may not be the most efficient solution.
  3. Buy more tools: Piecing together different services may work independently, but integration challenges and additional resource needs can arise.

But what if there’s a fourth option? What if we could step back and assess our needs holistically?

Rethink your process: By replacing existing accounting software with cloud-based tools, you can adopt a comprehensive solution that adapts with you and solves your challenges.

  1. Keep your data safe: Cloud services provide not just storage but also enhanced security.
  2. Connect your people, processes, and data: Streamline operations with unified and adaptable solutions.
  3. Gain a complete picture of your business: Real-time analytics offer an accurate view of your organization’s habits and trends.
  4. Improve cash flow: Pay for what you need on a monthly, per-user basis.
  5. Eliminate hardware: Move to the cloud to eliminate on-site servers and hardware maintenance.
  6. Remove server responsibilities: Free up your IT team for more value-added tasks.
  7. Simplify mobility: Securely work from anywhere with full capabilities.
  8. Get started fast: Cloud solutions require no hardware setup, allowing quick implementation.
  9. Save time and money: Combine tasks into a single, efficient solution.
  10. Scalability: Pay for and use only what you need, ensuring flexibility for a growing business.

Research from the MIT Sloan School of Management shows that businesses embracing cloud services experience faster growth and increased profitability.

A “yes” response to any of these questions is a signal that you are ready for cloud ERP.

When it comes to selecting the ideal accounting and ERP software for your business, we understand the importance of a tailored approach. Here’s how we guide you through the process:

1. Identify Your Goals and Needs:

We start off by understanding your business’s unique goals and needs. What are your aspirations? What specific functionalities are essential for your operations?

2. Partnering with You

We position ourselves as more than just a service provider; we become your strategic partner. Our aim is to align our solutions with your goals, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that fosters growth.

3. Critical Questions for Informed Choices:

  • We encourage you to ask critical questions to make well-informed decisions:
    • Costs: What are the initial and ongoing costs associated with the solution?
    • Setup: What is the process and typical time frame for getting set up?
    • Customization: Can the solution be configured or customized to meet your specific needs?
    • Data Access: How does the software manage data access and functions by role?
    • Security: What standards are in place to keep your data safe?
    • Support: What are the average response times if issues arise, and is customer service readily available?

4. Business Impact Assessment (BIA):

  • As a proactive step towards your growth journey, we introduce our Business Impact Assessment (BIA). This isn’t just a tool; it’s your strategic compass. The BIA is designed to:
    • Efficient Decision-Making: Guide you through the decision-making process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Identify the most cost-effective solution aligned with your business needs.
    • Confidence in Growth: Provide the confidence needed to fuel your business’s growth.

In essence, our goal is to empower you with the information and insights necessary to make decisions that will steer your business toward success. Essentially we want you to See Clearly, and Act Faster. We are constantly looking for ways to offer a partnership that supports your journey, from identification to implementation and beyond. Our goal is help you navigate the landscape of available solutions.


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Barbara Allen
Barbara Allen
Throughout her career, Barb has held various key leadership positions as ERP Team Leader, Project Manager, Consultant and Business Systems Implementer. She has successfully implemented ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek Maconomy and WorkBook in organizations of all sizes; from start-ups companies with 2 users, to Fortune 500 companies with over 1400 users.
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