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360 Canadian EFT for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Getting Started With 360 Canadian EFT


After the successful installation and registration of the App, you need to import the Data Exchange Definition files as described below:

  1. Go to Data Exchange Definition.
  2. Download and unzip the Data Exchange Definition File Data Exchange Definition File
  3. On the Data Exchange List, click on “Import Data Exchange Definition”.
  4. Click “Choose” and select the definition file to import. (ex. SCOTIA BANK – CPA005.txt)
  5. Verify that Data Exchange Definition is created successfully.
  6. Note: Follow steps 1 to 4 to import the required Data Exchange Definition for all the required banks.

  7. Now, go to “Bank Export/Import Setup”.
  8. Now, go to “Bank Export/Import Setup”.
    • Code
    • Description
    • Direction (select “Export EFT” from dropdown)
    • Data Exch. Def. Code (select the desired Data Exchange Definition Code)

    Setup/verify the following configurations.

  9. On the Bank Account Card (Transfer tab):
    • Country Export Format is set to “CA”.
    • A document no series in entered in the “E-Pay Export No.” field.
    • “Last E-Pay File Creation No.” field is set to the appropriate no.
    • The Client No. is filled in.
    • The Client Name is filled in.
    • The Transit No. is filled in.
    • Payment Export Format is set to the desired “Bank Export/Import Setup Code”.
  10. On the Vendor Bank Account (Transfer tab):
    Ensure that the “Use for Electronic Payment” Boolean is selected on the relevant Vendor Bank Accounts which would be used for EFT.
  11. On the General Journal Batch page (Payment Journals batch), select the Boolean “Allow Payment Export” on the batch which will be used to enter EFT Payment.