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How to use 360 Canadian PAD – Usage Scenarios

Scenario – Adding a PAD Customer

  1. On the Customer Card go to, Navigate->Bank Accounts.

  2. On the Customer Bank Account List page click “New”

  3. On the Customer Bank Account Card enter the following information

    • Code
    • Name
    • Bank Code
    • Bank Branch No.
    • Bank Account No. – This has to be exactly 12 digits. Please add leading Zeros if the Account No. is less than 12 digits.
    • Transit No. (Same as the Bank Branch No.)
    • Use for Electronic Payment – Enable this Boolean

  4. On the Customer Card, update the following fields

    • Partner Type: select “Company” or “Person” as appropriate
    • Preferred Bank Account Code: Select the Customer Bank Account Code for PAD

  5. Go back to the top menu and go to Navigate->Direct Debit Mandates

  6. Enter the following information

    • ID – PAD Authorization No.
    • Customer Bank Account Code – Select the relevant Customer Bank Account
    • Valid From Date
    • Valid To Date
    • Date of Signature
    • Type of Payment: Select “Recurrent”
    • Expected No. of Debits – Enter 1.
    • Ignore Expected No. of Debits – Enable this Boolean