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How to use 360 Canadian PAD – Usage Scenarios

Scenario – Configuring PAD

After the successful installation and registration of the App, you need to complete the following setup to work with the PAD feature.

    1. Go to Bank Export/Import Setup.

    2. On the Bank Export/Import List, create a new record with the following details:

Code                                     : PAD

Name                                    : Pre-Authorized Debit

Direction                              : Export

Processing Codeunit ID  : 1230

Processing XMLPort ID   : 1010

Check Export Codeunit  : 1233

    1. Go to the Number Series Page and create a new no series for PAD.

    2. On the Bank Account Card, update the following additional information:

      • Bank Branch No
      • Bank Account No
      • SEPA Direct Debit Exp Format (Select the record that was created in point no 2 above)
      • Direct Debit Msg ID (Select the No series that was created in point no 3 above)
      • Creditor No. (this should have been provided by the Bank)
      • Client Name (this should have been provided by the Bank)
      • Transit No. (same as the Branch No)
    3. On the General Ledger Setup, enable the following Booleans:

      • SEPA Non-Euro Export
      • SEPA Export w/o Bank Acc. Data