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How to use 360 Quick Sign – Usage Scenarios

Scenario – Configuration

  1. Change Report Selection. Navigate to Report Selection – Bank Acc by using the Search (ALT + Q) Change Usage to Check Click on the Report ID field to change the default report, chose Select form full list to open all reports. Search for Check or ID 23038250.  Highlight and select OK.  Use the back arrow to close the window.
  2. Navigate to the Company Information Page by using the Search (ALT + Q) window and typing “Company Information”.Select the Company Information option 
  3. In the Communication section, go to the Signature 1 Code field and click the drop down. 
  4. Select a Signature Code or New to create a New Signature Code 
  5. Enter a Code, Name, set the Maximum Allowed Signing Limit.
  6. Click the + sign and then Chose button to browse and select a signature (png, gif).                                                    Note: Signature 1 Width 2.75in x Height 0.55in Signature 2 Width 2.75in x Height 0.325in
  7.  Select image. Click OK to close. Repeat for second signature and close Company Information window.