How to Check Your Storage Limit in Business Central Cloud

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In my earlier blog post, I showed you how to create additional sandboxes, test environments, and upgrade Apps in Microsoft D365 Business Central.
This article will show you a quick peek at some of the newest admin features that would help in your Business Central resources and capacity planning using the Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center version 17 2020 Release Wave 2.


D365 BC Admin Center: Capacity Page

  • Storage Capacity Usage
  • Environment Quota Usage
  • Storage Usage by Environment
    • Shortcut to List of Tables by Environment
      • P8700 – Table Information



Capacity Page in D365 Business Central Admin Center

The feature overview below is limited to version 17 2020 Release Wave 2 of Microsoft D365 Business Central.


D365 Business Central Admin Center and the Capacity Page

Open BC Admin Center and Select the Capacity Tab to display the page.



Capacity Page

The Capacity page displays a tenant-level view of storage usage, quota and capacity by environment.



Environment Quota Usage

Production environments come together with three additional sandbox environments.



Storage Usage by Environment



List of Tables (P8700)

Clicking on the list of tables link in Storage Usage by Environment section will show you the details per Company and Table record information.



Table Information Page

On this page, you may use the standard filters to view each company’s data footprint and export the information to excel for further analysis.



Next time, we’ll look at what to do when you exceed your capacity quotas and tips to optimize the data stored in your BC Cloud. In the meantime, take note of the following BC add-ons and contact our 360 Visibility agents if you need help:

– Dynamics 365 Business Central Database Capacity
– Dynamics 365 Business Central Additional Environment Add-on

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