Frontline on Azure Cloud & Power BI Automated Reporting

Maintain control of your Indigenous Sector data and modernize your systems by migrating Frontline (Penlieu) to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and use Power BI for automated reporting.

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Frontline Hosted in the Microsoft Cloud + Power BI Dynamic Reporting

You keep complete control of Indigenous Sector data and get advanced automated custom reports for Frontline

Frontline is the primary application that your staff uses in their day-to-day activities. Moving this to the Azure Cloud enables improved performance, lower server administration costs, and increased availability of a critical service for 24x7 operations.

With advanced custom reporting for Frontline using Power BI, you have greater insight into your data and can make smarter decisions in less time.

See how Kina Gbezhgomi used Azure Cloud and Power BI for Frontline to modernize their systems.

Why Modernizing Systems with Frontline in the Cloud and Power BI Reporting is Essential for the Indigenous Sector

Frontline in the Cloud

Moving Frontline to the Microsoft Cloud keeps Indigenous data in your control, and improves performance, security and availability of the service, all at lower costs.

Making sense of complex reporting

Power BI reporting for Frontline helps to simplify complex reporting and allows your staff to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

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