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Microsoft 365 Business:

Microsoft 365 Business comes in two versions: Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business. Today we will be focusing on Microsoft 365 Business which is an integrated business solution that encompasses Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility and Security. This offering was created for small to medium sized businesses who want to run their business in the cloud without needing to manage their IT. In this offering Microsoft will manage your companies IT, eliminating the need for setting up servers, file share, databases, or on-premise software. This reduces a companies on premise IT costs and allows them to leverage the Microsoft Azure Cloud to enhance their productivity. All of this is available as a monthly or yearly subscription service.

This subscription includes the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, Publisher and all office apps. It offers business-class email which is linked to calendars and contacts. Enhanced office communication with Microsoft Teams, which offers instant messaging and calls. This plan provides collaboration and productivity tools such as One Drive, SharePoint, Yammer, Groups, Teams, Delve, Bookings, and Customer Manager. By being linked to the Cloud employees can securely access files from anywhere without the need to physically be in the office. Cloud based storage allows a level of collaboration with clients and employees that is essential for a modern business.


Office 365 Enterprise E3:

The Office 365 Enterprise plans were created to provide large businesses with greater security, compliance, and IT requirements. This offering is best suited to larger businesses with over 300 users and is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, however, it can also be used by businesses as small as a single user. Similarly to Microsoft 365 Business the plan includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility and Security. All of the collaborative apps and communication programs listed under the Microsoft 365 Business offering are available on both plans but Office 365 Enterprise E3 includes increased storage limits, security, Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) and Legal Hold, Rights Management, data loss prevention, encryption, Unified eDiscovery Center, and the option to add PSTN. The Enterprise E3 model comes in at a slightly higher price point than Microsoft 365 Business. The Enterprise offering come in three versions E1, E3, and E5. For our purposes E3 is the most similar to Microsoft 365 Business. However, if you find that your company is best suited to the Enterprise E3 model you can compare it to the E1 and E5 versions here: Compare Office 365 E1 vs E3 vs E5.

The Offerings Compared: 

Businesses small and large require security, impeccable communication, collaboration, and analytical tools to grow their business. Office 365 Enterprise plans accommodated these needs on a large scale providing top of the line cloud management and security for companies with over 300 users. However, small companies required the same technology and collaborative tools but don’t have the user requirement for the Enterprise plans. Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365 Business to accommodate smaller businesses by providing them with an affordable plan for a reduced user minimum.

The Office 365 Business plans are similar to Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 in terms of basic features. Microsoft 365 Business provides all the security, collaboration, and analytic tools a business of any size would need scaled for a smaller user amount. The Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan at a glance is very similar to the Microsoft 365 Business offering, including being available as a monthly or yearly subscription. However, there are some key differences. If you are leaning towards Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise your company should have at lease 300 users, require a larger mailbox size (100GB per user), the need for business intelligence and analytic tools, and the need for enhanced security and device management. The Office 365 Enterprise plans receive 24/7 support which spans all issues while Microsoft 365 Business support is only offered for critical issues.

Selecting the right license for your organization is a critical step towards a profitable, connected, secure business. The consultant team at 360 Visibility  will take care of every last detail to make sure your license is right for your business. Our team will help you understand the nuances of the cloud, how it will fit in your business and give your free advice and design the right infrastructure what your business needs actually are.

Working with a Tier 1 CSP Partner for your Cloud Migration gives you a number of unique and valuable benefits including unlimited support and a cloud security audit.

Jason Meilleur
Jason Meilleur
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