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We are happy to announce our team at 360 Visibility has begun to take a new step towards providing unparalleled insight to those who specialize in Professional Services. With 360 Visibility you can now gain deeper access and insights into resources that better serve your clients and customers. Since the Professional Services industry is driven by workers who need access to mobile services, it is important to be always on, and always accessible from anywhere. So what better place to stay connected than in The Cloud?

360 Professional Services is powered by NAV and integrates directly with your current accounting and finance ERP software By leveraging your Dynamics NAV platform to incorporate the capabilities of a Professional Services solution, you can now easily add advanced project accounting and project management functions all under one platform. Leaving you with an integrated experience no other stand-alone project management or ERP solution can match!
With the help of our 360 team, we will set up a range of project resources so your business can take full control of its project finances.

  1. Advanced Project Setup
    • This includes a Project Wizard Setup which creates projects with just a few clicks. The wizard ensures that the project is correctly created with required information entered and validated
    • Pre-activities allows you to start the process before a customer commits to the project.
    • Design projects to fit the way you do business. Include factors such as client, job, phase, task and work breakdown.
  2. Project Budgeting
    • Manage the progress of your project budgets from start to finish!
    • Copy budgets from previous projects or budget templates to speed up the beginning budget process
    • Budget Matrix makes it easy for you to make budgets based on quantity and see available capacity while creating a budget
  3. Resource Management
    • Define resources and setup different skills to plan out the labor budget against a project
    • Setup individual forecasts on resources and measure their performance against the budget
    • 360 Visibility includes integration to Dynamics NAV. This allows project and tasks to be assigned to Service Orders or Contracts and supports the entry/recording of time
  4. Project Tracking
    • Track, view and analyze costs and revenue for individual projects that are still in progress
    • With Enhanced Project Collaboration project managers and accountants can use a single system that enables them to use the same set of data for better analysis and project accountability.
    • Improve your projects productivity by taking advantage of flexible project structure, billing rates, and more to make your project run efficient and effective
  5. Project Time & Expenses
    • View, track and control your labor, project, and travel expenses with a fully integrated solution that allows you to include out of pocket costs
    • Monitor timesheets to see if one has started or whether it needs to be submitted for approval
    • Track labor and employee expenses on a project by project basis, with a complete overview of labor expenses and commitments that allow full drill-down to details
  6. Project Reporting, Analytics and Forecasting
    • Automatics access to project factors including client rate, invoice rate, earning rate and efficiency rate per resource
    • View your project data in a project summary, drilling down to view underlying information and get specific details about project transactions
    • Enable project managers to analyze information more effectively by presenting project and task data in familiar profit and loss formats

With managed project cross tracking you can gain full insight into project statuses, productivity, resources, cost, expenses and invoicing. This will help enhance project collaboration, improve productivity and give your more flexibility and control!
Take control of your business with an all in one Professional Services solution powered by 360 Visibility!

Barbara Allen
Barbara Allen
Throughout her career, Barb has held various key leadership positions as ERP Team Leader, Project Manager, Consultant and Business Systems Implementer. She has successfully implemented ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek Maconomy and WorkBook in organizations of all sizes; from start-ups companies with 2 users, to Fortune 500 companies with over 1400 users.
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