360 Smart Apps Subscription Overview

Subscribe to unlock full app functionality in business central

How to Subscribe

  1. When the “Go to Registration site” link on the “Assisted Setup Wizard” page is clicked, it will direct you to the 360 Customer Portal registration page. Enter the required information and click “Submit”.
  2. After you submit your registration details it may take a few minutes for your account registration to complete. You will then need to login using your Microsoft/Office 365 account.
  3. Once logged in you may need to navigate to the 360 Smart Apps screen via the top navigation bar.
  4. This page will list all your smart app subscriptions. Before you can purchase a subscription, you may need to enter payment details. Click on the “Add Payment option” link to enter payment information. You can use credit card or preauthorized debit by expanding via the + button.
  5. Enter all the required information for your specific payment option and click submit.
  6. Once you are successful in entering payment information you can navigate back to the 360 SmartApps section via the top navigation bar.
  7. Use the Add to cart button to add the item to cart, the page will then reload with the item in your cart.
  8. Before you proceed with submission you may need to accept any of the required agreements. Please take the time to read any of the agreements via the View Agreement link and click the accept button when you have done so for each agreement
  9. After all the agreements have been accepted you will be able to submit the order via the Submit Order button
  10. After the order has been submitted it may take a few minutes for the order to be processed. You may need to refresh the page after a few minutes to see that the order has been processed.
  11. Once the order has been processed it will show as active in your 360 Smart Apps list.