Standard Journals Feature in Business Central

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In this demonstration, we are going to see how to work with the Standard Journals feature in Business Central. This feature can help you quickly and easily create Journal entries by simply saving them as a template and retrieving it when needed. You can save as many templates as required, and they can be shared with other users as well.  

Enter a Journal Entry

Go to General Journals Page.

Enter a Journal Entry


Enter the Journal Lines. The Journal can be either entered as a single liner or a multiline entry. This feature supports both types.  

Enter the Journal Lines. The Journal can be either entered as a single liner or a multiline entry. This feature supports both types.


Save the Journal as a Standard Journal (Template) 

Now, if you want to save this entry as a template, before posting Journal, go to Actions-> Functions->Save as Standard Journals. 

 Save the Journal as a Standard Journal


On the Save As Standard Gen. Journal page enter the Code and Description to identify the Journal. Enable the Save Amount” button if you wish to save the amounts as well. Click OK to save. 

On the Save As Standard Gen. Journal page enter the “Code” and “Description” to identify the Journal. Enable the “Save Amount” button if you wish to save the amounts as well. Click OK to save.


Wait for the confirmation and click OK. 

Wait for the confirmation and click OK.


Retrieving the Standard Journal (Template) 

To retrieve the template, go to Actions->Functions->Get Standard Journals. 

 Retrieving the Standard Journal


Select the Standard Journal that you wish to retrieve. 

Select the Standard Journal that you wish to retrieve.


You have the option to view the Standard Journal before retrieving it by clicking on the “View” button. 

You have the option to view the Standard Journal before retrieving it by clicking on the “View” button


The template itself can be edited if required by clicking on the “Pen” button. 

The template itself can be edited if required by clicking on the “Pen” Button.


Go back to the “Standard General Journals” page and click OK to retrieve the Journal. 

Go back to the “Standard General Journals” page and click OK to retrieve the Journal.


Click OK to confirm.

Click OK to confirm



This will populate the selected template to the General Journal linesOnce the Lines are populated, you can make any changes as required and post the journal. Please note that any changes done on the Journal Lines will not get updated back to the template. 

This will populate the selected template to the General Journal lines.


The Standard Journal feature can save a ton of time and effort when working with journal entries that are repetitive in nature. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or need our assistance to evaluate your requirements.  


Simaak Hameed
Simaak Hameed
As a Sr. Dynamics Consultant at 360 Visibility Simaak has handled over 30 end to end implementations. He has over 15 years of experience in Microsoft ERP Solutions and has worked in 5 different countries across different continents. Coming from an accounting background Simaak possess an in-depth knowledge of business process and practices across various industries.
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