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Get the Scoop on the New Jet Global 2019 Product Releases

Whether you heard the announcement at Directions NA or read about it on Twitter, the news is out – we formally have a new name for our company and our products! We officially welcome you to Jet Global.

Our fresh name reflects our dedication to evolving from more than just a great analytics and reporting company. We are moving into a data revolution for Microsoft Dynamics users all over the world. On the heels of this ground-breaking occasion are the Jet Global 2019 product releases, which represents our next step into even faster, even easier, even better data management solutions.

Here is your guide to the latest updates:

New Product Lineup

In an effort to better align their purpose, these releases allowed us the opportunity to rename all of our products. You’ll notice the changes throughout our website, the Jet Help Center, and other resources. In addition, we have the new Jet Budgets solution that will deliver the ultimate trifecta in complete data access.

Jet Basics Previously Jet Express
Jet Reports Previously Jet Professional
Jet Analytics Previously Jet Enterprise
Jet Budgets New Product
Jet Hub Previously Jet Web Portal

Features in the Jet Global 2019 Releases

As the foundation of what you rely on to make decisions every day, the Jet Global 2019 releases mark continued improvements to our existing products. If you are a current Jet Reports or Jet Analytics customer, you will notice a significant difference in performance and how quickly a report takes to run. Why? Because reports in the Jet Global 2019 releases will run up to 5x faster than any other version!

In addition to a huge increase in speed, several usability improvements to each solution have been added through navigation and notifications. We have also included Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration to Jet Reports and Jet Analytics, with a connector available in Microsoft’s AppSource.

Below you will find a full list of new and improved features, with their advantages, organized by product.

Jet Reports 2019

New Feature / Update Why it’s Super Awesome
Performance Improvement Performance boost through technical design. Reports take seconds to run, not minutes. Up to 5x faster than before.
Business Central Integration Data source for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Gives you the ability to use all of the features and functionality of the Jet Excel Add-In you love for building reports from Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Redesigned Report Wizard
  • Improved navigation
  • Favourites
  • Review and finish button added
  • Text filters
Clean styling makes the ever-so-helpful Report Wizard even easier to use, including the ability to keep track of where you are in the report design process and easily navigate back to any step. Manage favorites and be reminded to review your options before saving.
Update Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • ‘Update Available’
No more guessing when the next data revolution is on its way – be made aware when an update is available directly in the Jet application then quickly access the latest software download with new features, functionality, and bug fixes.
Usability Improvements ‘+Values’ automatically added to cell A1 in Excel Add-In. It’s okay, we’ve all forgotten it at least once (or twice). This convenience feature now does it for all you report designers out there. Can we get a hooray?
Simulate Jet Reports Financials Addition to drop-down menu in App Settings, for Business Central. This nifty feature allows our resellers and authorized distributors to demo Jet Reports Financials, a limited GL-only version of Jet available for Business Central in AppSource.

Jet Analytics 2019

New Feature / Update Why it’s Super Awesome
Business Central Integration Business Central connector and standard project available in CubeStore. Now you can use Jet Analytics with Business Central to consolidate data across all your systems!
Improved Support for Azure Deployments Enhanced support for Azure SQL databases along with added support for Azure Analysis Services and on-premise Tabular models. Better leverage Azure SQL databases and embrace Microsoft’s tabular technology in the cloud.

Jet Hub 2019

New Feature / Update Why it’s Super Awesome
Usability Improvements
  • New log-in and welcome page
  • Add/edit user email addresses
  • App switcher
Enjoy an inviting page that lays out your available features and functionality. Admins can now set-up email addresses for new and existing users to send invites for joining the Jet Hub experience. Plus, a standard button for accessing the various Jet Hub applications.
Data Source Permissions Data sources in Admin option (gear icon). Convenience at it’s finest! Admins can assign data source permissions for users/groups in Jet Hub.New Feature / Update

All of these updates are designed to improve productivity and enhance your overall Jet experience. Existing customers who are current on their annual enhancement plan (AEP) can download the latest releases today.

If you have any questions about the updates to a specific product, please reach out to our support team. You can also get a complete VIP walkthrough of the new features by signing up for the Customer Success webinar below!

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