Why Billable Hours Are The World’s Most Perishable Piece of Inventory

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As a professional services firm, you understand the value of an hour – every hour billed is a dollar earned. Unfortunately, you also understand that every hour lost negatively effects your bottom line.
You’re not alone. Like every professional services firm, you are a part of an elite group of companies who manage the single most perishable item on the planet – a billable hour. In your business, time is literally money, and an hour lost can never be reclaimed. What’s worse, time spent trying to reclaim an hour only wastes more of these precious moments, and impacts productivity in a compounding manner.

You need to ensure you are collecting and billing every hour. You need to stop your inventory from spoiling. And you need an effective business management system that can help you do it all!
At 360 Visibility we specialize in helping professional services firms. We know firsthand the complexities associated with running a business based on tracking time, dealing with WIP, and matching performance to utilization. We know it because we live it everyday, and have faced the same challenges as you. From trying to effectively manage projects with multiple resources and various billable rates, to creating accurate estimates and timely invoices, this industry isn’t easy!

How Can 360 Visibility Help?

We can offer you a business management system that not only handles all your finance and project accounting needs, but also improves your time capture, manages your resources, and increases utilization to ensure you’re getting the most out of every team member, putting an end to wasted hours.

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Marco D'Ercole
Marco D'Ercole
An Alumni of St Michael’s College School, York University and co-founder of 360 Visibility Inc., Marco is an industry recognized expert at building and aligning an organization’s technology with their business strategy in a cost-effective and often innovative way.
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