Wholesale distributors need to adapt in order to get past challenges

Wholesale distributors need to adapt in order to get past challenges
Written by: Barbara Allen
Published: January 9, 2014



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    Wholesale Distribution Industry

    Influenced by economic, competitive and technological requirements, the wholesale distribution industry constantly has to adapt to shrinking margins, the pressure to cut costs, increasing customer demands, complex orders and shorter lead times.

    Many businesses strive to balance costs and innovatively streamline warehouse operations in order to add value and earn customer loyalty; however, due to increased competition and the number of different products available today, business are having a more complex time managing all the details.

    How to Adapt

    So, is there a way to adapt to these changes without negatively affecting your operation? Well yes, there is and it’s with Microsoft Dynamics solutions – NAV, GP and CRM – offered by 360 Visibility. These programs can help put wholesale distributors on the map, help strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers, and drive cost efficiency.

    How We Can Help

    The fully integrated software solution can also teach wholesale distributors how to adapt to changes by developing and offering customized, value-added services such as inventory management, streamlined processes and connectivity among people, products and information, and simplified reporting.

    Depending on your specific needs, 360 Visibility’s expertise with Microsoft Dynamics software can also help companies achieve superior performance by showing them how to effectively manage the entire organization such as people, physical assets, business processes, and technology.

    With the implementation of these programs, wholesale distributors will be able to control their inventory levels given current and projected sales; increase invoice capabilities by ensuring everything is timely, accurate and collected in the shortest possible time; effectively manage profitability by product and customer; and improve order taking, packing and shipping.

    Let’s Help You Improve

    To improve and continue to grow, companies need clarity and the ability to act and make decisions without delay. The insight, credentials and aptitude of 360 Visibility ensure commitment and devotion to bring distribution businesses to their greatest potential.

    360 Visibility, along with Microsoft Dynamics solutions, helps companies transform their business by providing complete, integrated solutions and achieve superior performance in functions such as finance, business intelligence, sales, order management, warehouse and logistics planning, and procurement.

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