How to Change Your Microsoft Dynamics Partner for Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Need a new Dynamics partner for your Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics 365 Business Central?

It’s ok to change partners. You want to be confident that your Dynamics Partner is right for your business. We want to help you see the signs of a bad Dynamics Partner and know how to find the right partner to move your Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Business Central to.


Signs that your current Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner is failing you:

  • Partner goals are not aligned with your business needs
  • Is slow to respond
  • Is more concerned with up-selling services and licenses
  • Is understaffed or lacks experienced consultants
  • Has not solved your key challenges
  • Does not innovate and help future-proof your business
  • Your Dynamics implementation is poorly configured and under-utilized

These are just some of the reasons you might be desperately considering a new Microsoft Dynamics Partner, or maybe seeing these reasons, you’ve decided to re-evaluate your existing partnership. Problems can come in all shapes and forms, during initial communications, halfway through a project, or getting support after go-live.

If you recognize these signs and feel they are all too familiar, it’s not too late to make a switch and find a Microsoft Dynamics Partner for your Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation.

Why Should I Hit Reset and Find a New Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

You have come this far and recognized the signs of your failing Dynamics Partner. We understand you’ve invested considerable time and resources, but if it’s all for naught, then you need to hit reset.

If your business is your livelihood, then your Dynamics implementation is its heart. And when it’s not working as it should, it’s underused, and your doctor (Partner) is telling you there’s nothing wrong, then it’s time for a new doctor that is here to help you.

What to look for in a new Dynamics Partner?

One of the most critical elements in finding the right Microsoft Dynamics Partner for your business is ensuring they are aligned with your business needs, now and in the future, and can communicate in terms of business value. A Dynamics Partner that deploys a Business Impact Assessment approach can consistently align with your business by thoroughly researching the market forces and business ramifications that drive your industry to develop corporate objectives and strategies aligned with your true priorities.

When you are in the middle of making critical business decisions and need advice and support, you would expect your Dynamics Partner to be responsive and with you each step. But, when that doesn’t happen, it creates a significant disconnect and a loss of trust in the relationship. Even simple questions are ignored or delayed.

Time is money. That’s why you need a partner working with you to help you succeed and give you what you need when you need it. Look for a Microsoft Dynamics Partner that develops a carefully guided operational plan that identifies potential challenges and barriers and provides actionable steps to avoid unexpected failures and maximize the value of your investments.

After investing in your Dynamics implementation, you expect that it was configured correctly, designed to work efficiently for your team, and increase productivity. However, if you’re noticing you don’t use the software much, are finding your team is complaining about how it works, and you don’t see the value, then you were working with the wrong partner.

You need a Microsoft Dynamics Partner that aligns your project goals and priorities to key success metrics and defines the functional resources and solutions required to efficiently and effectively implement your business objectives. This will ensure your team is fully utilizing the service, and you can see real ROI.

As your business grows more complex and scales with newfound success from a competent Dynamics Partner, you need to consider the other technology in your organization. Beyond the Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics 365 Business Central, you may have Office 365, CRM, HR software, custom apps, and other servers and hardware. These need as much attention as your accounting and ERP software. You need a partner that understands that all these pieces are connected and can work efficiently together. Your next Dynamics Partner should be a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience with not only Dynamics, but Office 365, Application Hosting, and Azure Cloud Security.

What to expect when changing Dynamics partners?

You’ve decided to change partners and found a Microsoft Dynamics Partner that you can trust, like 360 Visibility. A partner that is going to help you overcome the challenges you were facing and give you a team that:

  • Helps the growth of your business
  • Understands the rules of your company
  • Is the right size partner for my business
  • Always moving in the right direction
  • Answers your questions promptly
  • Properly manages your business systems

What happens to my existing Microsoft Dynamics Implementation?

As you transition from your existing partner to a new one, you will want to know what happens to your data and current implementation. You can rest assured that the Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants at 360 Visibility will be by your side to help guide you through this change.

Dynamics NAV, GP, Business Central Implementation

Your existing configuration and customizations are safe. They will come with you during the move. In addition, 360 Visibility’s team will analyze them in detail, along with your ideal expectations to develop a plan to improve the implementation, so your team is happy using it to its fullest capabilities.

Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central

As part of our recommendations, we will look at ways to make your existing Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP implementation smarter, more effective, and integrated with the rest of your business. In this process, we will review with you if a Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP upgrade is warranted. By upgrading to Business Central, you will have automatic updates and stay on the latest version, advanced features, and reporting capabilities, simplify or remove no longer needed customizations that are now standard features in Business Central.

Moving Dynamics Data to the Cloud

If your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP database is stored in local on-premises servers or a third-party cloud, our team can help transfer these to Microsoft’s secure Azure Cloud storage. As a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert, our Business Central and Azure Cloud technical resources can assist in transferring your data.

Our Process When Switching Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Moving Dynamics Partners is easier than you think

We understand that it is a big step to change Microsoft Dynamics partners, especially after investing time and money into an implementation. Our process is designed to simplify the move and put in place the steps needed to be successful long term.

Our process revolves around a Business Impact Assessment, where we take a holistic approach to review your business needs, current implementation, and efficiencies, and creating a system to support you every step of the way.

After that, it’s a simple click of a button to transfer your Microsoft license to us – then we work with you to get you the results you want!

Ready to Switch Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Now that you are ready to make the switch and rescue your Microsoft Dynamics implementation start with our Business Impact Assessment by completing the simple form here, Start my Business Impact Assessment, or contact us directly (905) 907-3600.

Our Dynamics Consultants team is here to be the Dynamics Partner you deserve, and help you get the most from your Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, or Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation.

Marco D'Ercole
Marco D'Ercole
An Alumni of St Michael’s College School, York University and co-founder of 360 Visibility Inc., Marco is an industry recognized expert at building and aligning an organization’s technology with their business strategy in a cost-effective and often innovative way.
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