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  • What we didRising Ground partners with 360 Visibility to deploy and manage over 2000 Office 365 licenses and implement a secure Remote Desktop Services environment via Azure AD App Proxy.

Empowering Rising Ground with Secure and Accessible Remote Desktop Services through Azure AD Application Proxy

  1. Introduction: Rising Ground is a compassionate organization dedicated to providing caring support and proven paths to positive change for children, adults, and families facing adversity. As part of its commitment to efficiency and security, Rising Ground partnered with Microsoft’s trusted partner, “360 Visibility,” to implement Azure AD Application Proxy for their Remote Desktop Services (RDS). This case study showcases how this strategic decision transformed their remote access capabilities, ensuring increased security, streamlined access, and seamless user experiences.
  2. The Challenge: Before adopting Azure AD Application Proxy, Rising Ground faced several challenges in enabling remote access to their RDS environment. The existing setup involved opening the RDS server to the public, presenting significant security risks. Additionally, relying on VPNs for remote access created complexity and inconvenience for their users. Rising Ground needed a solution that could provide robust security, efficient access controls, and user-friendly experiences without the need for a VPN.
  3. The Solution: Azure AD Application Proxy: 360 Visibility proposed implementing Azure AD Application Proxy, a secure and scalable solution that addressed all of Rising Ground’s challenges. Azure AD Application Proxy allows organizations to publish applications, including Remote Desktop Services, to users outside their network without compromising security.

Key features of the solution included:

  • Secure Remote Access: By using Azure AD Application Proxy, Rising Ground could secure their RDS environment, eliminating the need to open the server to the public. This reduced the risk of unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.
  • No VPN Required: The solution provided remote access to RDS resources without the need for a complex and resource-intensive VPN setup. This streamlined the access process for users, enhancing productivity.
  • Geo-Blocking IP’s: Azure AD Application Proxy enabled Rising Ground to enforce geographical restrictions, allowing access only from specific countries or regions. This feature added an additional layer of security and compliance.
  • Enforced MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication): With Azure AD Application Proxy, Rising Ground could enforce MFA for all users accessing their RDS environment. This robust authentication mechanism protected against unauthorized access and potential credential theft.
  • Enhanced Server Security: By eliminating direct public access to the RDS server, Azure AD Application Proxy reduced the server’s exposure to potential attacks, ensuring a more secure environment.

Implementation Process:

The implementation of Azure AD Application Proxy for Rising Ground’s Remote Desktop Services involved a collaborative effort between 360 Visibility and Rising Ground’s IT team.

  • Discovery Phase: During this phase, 360 Visibility conducted a thorough assessment of Rising Ground’s existing RDS infrastructure, identified potential risks, and analyzed user access patterns.
  • Solution Design: Based on the assessment results, 360 Visibility designed a customized solution using Azure AD Application Proxy, addressing Rising Ground’s specific security and accessibility requirements.
  • Pilot Deployment: Before full-scale deployment, a pilot deployment was carried out to validate the solution’s effectiveness and gather feedback from key stakeholders.
  • Deployment and Integration: Once the pilot phase was successful, the Azure AD Application Proxy was deployed and integrated with Rising Ground’s RDS environment.
  • Testing and Training: Rigorous testing and training were conducted for Rising Ground’s IT staff and end-users to ensure a smooth transition and user adoption.

Results and Benefits:

“Working with 360 Visibility has been an absolute game-changer for Rising Ground. Their expertise and seamless collaboration empowered us to implement Azure AD Application Proxy, revolutionizing our remote access capabilities. With 360 Visibility’s support, we’ve securely unlocked the potential of our Remote Desktop Services without the need for a VPN. Azure AD Application Proxy has not only bolstered our security posture but also simplified access for our users, creating a truly transformative experience. Thanks to this partnership, Rising Ground can now rise above adversity and extend our caring support to even more individuals and families in need.” – Ray Soomaroo, Director of Cloud and Infrastructure at Rising Ground.


The implementation of Azure AD Application Proxy brought about transformative benefits for Rising Ground:

  • Heightened Security: The RDS environment was fortified with enhanced security measures, significantly reducing the risk of potential cyber threats.
  • Simplified Access: Users could now access RDS resources without the complexities of VPN, improving overall productivity and user satisfaction.
  • Geo-Blocking Capabilities: The organization gained control over access based on geographic locations, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
  • MFA Enforcement: With MFA in place, Rising Ground established a strong authentication framework, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Azure AD Application Proxy provided a seamless user experience, allowing employees to access resources remotely with ease.


By partnering with “360 Visibility” and adopting Azure AD Application Proxy for their Remote Desktop Services, Rising Ground successfully overcame the challenges of remote access security and usability. The implementation not only enhanced security and compliance but also improved the overall user experience. Rising Ground’s commitment to providing caring support and proven paths to positive change now extends seamlessly to their remote workforce, making their mission even more impactful and scalable.

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