How to Setup Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery
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Getting Started with Azure Site Recovery for Disaster Recovery

Azure Disaster Recovery provides your company an actionable plan in the event of a disaster. Microsoft Site Recovery is a native disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), that allows you to easily manage your recovery plan to fit your exact needs no matter where those machines are, including other cloud providers, on-premise or in Azure, allowing you to spin up these machines in another Azure datacenter in minutes.

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Example Disaster Recovery options with Azure Site Recovery DRaaS.


Site Recovery gives you the option to replicate to other Azure data centers and be globally redundant. This ensures that if a data center goes down, you will still have access to your VM by restoring it to a separate data center.

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Restore Options

Azure Site Recovery offers you the ability to restore your VM’s directly to an Azure environment with the click of a button. You can restore to a separate environment or your production environment making it easy to meet your requirements in the event of a disaster.

azure site recovery disaster recovery options

Azure Site Recovery Failover example.

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How to Setup Azure Site Recovery

In this series of instructional videos, we take you step-by-step to setup Azure Site Recovery.

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