Microsoft Azure Cloud

Secure and Flexible Integrated Cloud Computing Platform

The Cloud for Modern Business

The Microsoft Cloud helps organizations move faster, save money and integrate on-premises apps and data with secure, scalable, and pay-as-you-go Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). With state-of-the-art datacenters around the globe, your data is available when you need it, wherever you are, with the highest level of security.

The Microsoft Cloud experts at 360 Visibility will design, deploy, and manage your cloud servers, hosting, and storage for unparalleled security, performance, reliability, and scalability, all while saving you on traditional hardware, utilities, and IT costs.


Grow Efficiently

Lower your IT costs and scale your business hardware and software needs with the Microsoft Cloud.

Help Reduce Risk

Operate your complete business with trusted and reliable Microsoft software and the Azure Cloud.

Secure and Reliable

Industry-leading security measures and privacy to keep your critical business data safe and secure.

Hybrid Cloud

Migrate some or all of your business infrastructure to the Cloud and enjoy greater flexibility.

The Benefits of Using the Microsoft Cloud for Your Business Are Clear

But Do You Know How to Get the Most Out of It?

We can ensure you don’t make these critical mistakes when moving your business to the Azure Cloud.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


Minimize Your Initial Investment

Reduce your startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.


Support Your Cash Flow

Low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution.


Secure and Reliable

99.5% guaranteed minimum availability with up to AES-256 encryption.


Automated Disaster Recovery

Always backed up with automated replication of virtual machines and data.


100% Canadian Cloud

Global cloud datacentres including Toronto and Montreal to meet Canadian business data residency requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Computing


Extend Your Existing IT

Azure Hybrid Cloud gives your more IT options with less cost and less complexity.


Integrate With On-Premises

Combine mission-critical local storage with Cloud applications and backups.


High Availability

Keep critical servers and data accessible for long periods with a reliable Cloud.


Collocation in the Cloud

Use Azure Hybrid Cloud for automated fallback if on-premises systems go down.


Cloud Integrated Backup

Scalable solution that protects your application data with zero capital investment and minimal operating costs.

Fastest Growing Cloud Provider in Canada

360 Visibility is Microsoft's 2015 IMPACT Award Winner for Fastest Growing Cloud Provider in Canada!

Migrate to the Cloud with confidence using 360 Visibility's Azure Cloud experts for a seamless transition and optimized infrastructure development.


Hybrid Cloud: The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid architectures offer numerous advantages over a forced choice of either a public or private cloud

Use this Whitepaper to understand why many companies are increasingly viewing hybrid cloud solutions as their target end state, rather than merely an interim step towards running all applications in the public cloud.