Microsoft CSP Platform for Automated Billing and License Management

The 360 CSP Customer Portal is designed for Tier-1 Microsoft CSP Partners, enabling them to automate sales, distribution, billing and provisioning Microsoft licenses and Azure Cloud consumption for their customers.

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What is the 360 CSP Customer Portal?

It's a simple, cost-effective, user-friendly, and automated platform for you to sell, bill, and provision Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure direct to your customers.

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Direct CSP Partner, the 360 Customer Portal makes it easier for your customers to instantly add or remove licenses, add new Microsoft services directly to their tenant, enable pre-authorized banking and credit card payments, and more.


White-labeled Self-Service Marketplace

Increase Sales

  • White-labeled portal configured on your domain
  • Easy to use self-service capabilities for your customers
  • Enable your customers to purchase, provision and manage Microsoft cloud licenses directly from your marketplace
  • Hosted on high performance Azure Cloud servers with enterprise SLA
  • Mobile-friendly user interface

Custom Managed Pricing & Offers

Easy to Buy Licenses

  • Define sale price on preloaded CSP SKU's
  • Sell Non-Microsoft offers and your services
  • Sell your own custom SKU for subscription licensing / managed desktop / managed server hosting, etc.
  • Sell both license-based and usage-based SKU's
  • Set your own markups and margin per SKU
  • Revenue and Cost reporting

Automated Invoicing & Payments

Simple CSP Finances

  • Automated pro-rated billing and payments
  • Itemized invoicing for license and usage-based services along with your custom offers
  • Define your margin and analyze profits
  • Integrate payment methods using Moneris (Credit Card, ACH, PAD)
  • Integration with accounting software such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, ConnectWise, etc.

Secure & Extensible Platform

Microsoft Cloud Security built in

  • GDPR and PCI compliant platform with enterprise-level security
  • Fully integrated with Azure AD for a single sign-on experience for your customers
  • Inbuilt integration with Moneris payment gateway
  • Custom integration can be implemented based on requirements
  • Built in Azure Billing engine

If you are a Tier 1 CSP, located in Canada or USA, with greater 5,000+ licenses or $500,000+ in annual revenue, then you qualify for the 360 Visibility CSP Portal.

Order & Provisioning

Subscription Management

Reporting & Analytics

Billing Automation

Price Management

Custom Branding

Custom Catalog

Azure Monitoring

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