Microsoft Dynamics 365

All-in-one Cloud ERP, CRM and Accounting Business Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Let’s get the facts straight. There are far too many business SaaS applications needed to run an organization successfully today. And to make matters worse, most of them don’t play nice with each other. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes into play.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Cloud ERP, CRM and Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is purpose-built to provide a complete business solution for Financials, Field Service, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Project Service Automation, Customer Service, and more. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Power BI and Cortana Intelligence.

With finite resources, productivity is critical for businesses to scale

"40% of a worker’s productive time is lost when switching tasks. This costs the global economy $450B per year."

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, employees stay productive because everything is done in one place. A Sales person can receive an email and respond directly in Office with a quote that is created based on information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Sales app without ever having to leave Outlook, and all the data gets stored back automatically to the right app.

Simple. Efficient. Convenient – What every business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes the best of Microsoft Dynamics NAV/GP and CRM to provide an all-in-one cloud service that manages business functions for Small, Medium, and Enterprise organizations. Using Microsoft’s new AppSource – a marketplace for apps and extensions that enhance the core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – businesses can fine tune and customize their solution with only the tools they need to be successful. This means you can start small and only pay for what you need, then add-on as you grow, keeping your business lean and agile.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Right for Me?

Intelligent, Purpose-built, All-in-one Business Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed with a single goal in mind, "to empower business users with built-in insights and intelligence within the business applications they’re working in – apps like field service, sales, finance, operations", says Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft. This is now more possible than ever with the widespread of adoption of the cloud. Microsoft Dynamics 365 reinvents the business process, taking both a people-centric and platform-centric approach. Without the barriers between monolithic suites of software and silos of data, businesses and people can function with intelligent systems that are contextual to their role and needs.

Empower your employees with predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps


Lean, Mean, Business Machine

Move from monolithic application suits to purpose-built, SaaS applications with intelligence built in, keeping your business lean and ready to grow

Brings Your Business Together

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, Power BI and Cortana Intelligence allowing your organization to stay productive

I'll Have It My Way

Build what you want and buy just the capabilities you need, while ensuring all roles have access to all the data they need to be successful in their jobs

Add On As Needed

Microsoft Dynamics 365 introduces access to Microsoft AppSource to download apps and add new functionality to your environment

Turn Business Process into Business Advantage

Agile Systems for Your Digital Transformation

Imagine a world where intelligent, mobile, and intuitive business apps are seamlessly integrated with your organization, letting you track leads, automate field service, drive sales and improve operations. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, this world can be your reality. Technology is transforming the way we do business and as we add more applications to our environment, it’s easy to lose sight of our objectives. Microsoft Dynamics 365 serves to help you transform with a new approach to business process.

By coupling the best of our ERP and CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides business with an all-in-one solution of core functionality that is easily expanded with purpose-built apps for business specific functions. Gone are the days of complicated and costly implementations of monolithic proportions. Your business will only use and pay for the functions that it needs to be successfully, creating a business advantage by being more agile and leaner than your competitors.

Enhance Your Business with Microsoft AppSource

One-stop Shop for Business Specific Apps and Add-ons

The Microsoft AppSource – introduced with Microsoft Dynamics 365 – is a single destination for business users to find, try, and buy Microsoft and Partner-built SaaS apps, add-ons and content packs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps are designed to be easily and independently deployed, allowing your business to start small and pay only for what it needs. Each App on the Microsoft AppSource integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, other apps you’ve deployed from AppSource and with Office 365 and Power BI, giving your business a powerful, and fully connected environment ready to grow as you do.

Making the Switch

The Power of a Fully Integrated Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is revolutionizing traditional Business App Licensing. By offering 2 ways to license Microsoft Dynamics 365 – by Application or by Personalized Role – businesses have the flexibility to license only the application they need or increase ROI by paying once to license the capabilities a specific role needs regardless of which application it resides in. This is an exclusive offering for Microsoft Dynamics 365 which eliminates the need to buy separate licenses for different apps as required by competitors – resulting in 2-3x cost savings.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing