The Business Case for Moving to the Cloud

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Why move to the cloud?

Core benefits of cloud migration

Moving to the cloud simplifies the deployment and management of infrastructure and allows your business to quickly scale based on demands.

Technical benefits

Elasticity and scaling on-demand are huge shifts that can help improve how you manage, maintain, and pay for your cloud. Benefits include Scalability, Availability, Security and compliance, Capacity optimization.

Financial benefits

Get more out of what you pay for and move away from fixed and upfront spend with OPEX pricing models, Reduced datacenter footprint, Staff productivity, Sustainability.

Why move now?

Every business has different needs and reasons for migrating to the cloud. Here are some common migration triggers.

  1. A need to support remote work models
  2. Cost efficiency & resource constraints
  3. Cybersecurity threats
  4. Fragile on-premises operations
  5. A need to meet surge​ demand

Why migrate to Azure?

Optimize costs and migrate data with confidence

Save money with the most cost-effective offers for Windows Server and SQL Server.  Become energy efficient and sustainable by moving on-premises datacenters to cloud. Confidently migrate your data and workloads to Azure with  best practices, expert guidance, and cost optimization tools.

Stay secure and resilient across hybrid environments

Protect workloads across your hybrid environments with intelligent security services backed by 3,500 cybersecurity professionals. Use built-in resilience to avoid costly business interruptions.

Scale your applications and workloads on demand

Increase agility with best-in-class Azure IaaS that scales to your business needs. Reduce operational burden with fully managed application and database services in Azure.

Microsoft provides solutions to help you continually optimize your environment

Understand and forecast your costs, monitor your bill, set budgets, and allocate spending to teams and projects with Azure Cost Management + Billing.

Cost-optimize your workloads

Optimize your resources and architecture with Azure best practices from Azure Advisor and the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework. Save with Azure offers and licensing terms like the Azure Hybrid Benefit and Azure Reservations for your Windows and Linux workloads.

Control your costs

Establish spending objectives and policies with guidance from the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. Implement cost controls with Azure Policy so your teams can go fast while complying with policy.


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Craig Wester
Craig Wester
Being early in his career has made Craig hungry for knowledge in the growing technology that is Microsoft Azure. With a Systems Administrator background and continuous learning of Microsoft Azure he happily takes on new challenges and find joys in assisting customers in their move to the cloud.
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